Jun 20, 2009

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I  just got married on June 20th, 2009, and let me tell you it was everything I wanted it to be and more!! I keep trying to re-live each and every moment in my head, because it all seems so surreal right now. As I am sure of all us do, I really tried to incorporate personal and meaningful details, and stick to my theme, and at the end everything just came together so beautifully. All of us brides imagine our big day and just hope everything goes smoothly without a bump along the way, and mine did just that. It honestly was the very best day of my life, and I wouldnt have changed a single thing. I know my day would not have been the same with out the team of amazing vendors I chose (many of them chosen with the help of Project Wedding), my wonderful family, and my supportive friends. I hope the same for all the other bride-to-be's out there!!

Here are a few non-pro pic of my wedding on Saturday:

Were Married photo 1                  Dress

Were Married photo 2     Were Married photo 3

This is s non-pro picture of my tall centerpieces, which were gorgeous! I  am sure when my pro pics come back I will have better photos. My florist, The Treasured Petal, is the best and choosing high quality, beautiful flowers

Tall Centerpiece                                 Flowers Reception

I had 14 tables, so I did 8 Tall Centerpieces, and 8 Short Centerpieces to add dimension to my grass reception area. Here is a pic of the short one:


               Bridesmaid Bouquets.....view from the top in a vase of water                                                       Bouquet

Bouquets  All the bridesmaid Bouquets

Bride Bouquet My Bouquet view from the top....It had the best smelling gardenias in it with little rhinstones in the center, and white feathers lined the bottom. It smelled heavenly and I loved it!! Hopefully I will get a pro pic back with the stem wrap, it was so pretty.

   Hand Ceremony                                                                  The Boys!!

 Were Married photo 4    The boys

Dress                                   Were Married photo 5

Were Married photo 6                Walking down the aisle about to walk down the aisle!

Our cake turned out exactly how I wanted it. I added rhinestone banding to each of the layers, and also added our custom mongram to the center.It also has purple and green flowers cascading, but the spotlight kinda blurs it out.


This was the view of our ceremony aisle

ceremony             Were Married photo 7


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We took our engagement Photos in Newport Beach, at the Balboa Fun zone, and then down by the water at sunset. We got some amazing photos, thanks to the wonderful Carly Daniel, of Carly Daniel Photography. Engagement photo 1              Engagement photo 2

Engagement photo 3                  Engagement photo 4

Engagement photo 5                       Engagement photo 6

Engagement photo 7                Engagement photo 8

Engagement photo 9       Engagement photo 10

     Engagement photo 11    Engagement photo 12

Engagement photo 13                        Engagement photo 14

Engagement photo 15                        Engagement photo 16

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We are having our ceremony and reception at Cotolot Vineyards, in Coto De Caza. It is a gorgeous 3 arce estate, with a full vineyard and winery in the back of the property.

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My name is Jenn, and I must admit I am addicted to all things wedding! I have been for some time now, since I would help out all my other engaged friends with their wedding plans. Then, I got engaged in May 2008, and it took my addictioon to a whole new personal level. I became so obsessed with wedding details and planning that my FI had offically named me "Wedding Woman". I just can't resist the urge to research weddings....the pictures, the colors, and the unique details really intrigue me.

I recently married my best friend Chad on June 20th, 2009. I have used project wedding all throughout my wedding planning process for the great info and reviews, but I never discovered the "Forums" section. I felt like PW helped em so much, so now it is my mission to get in and give back. I hope to be able to offer as much info as I can to all the other bride to be's out there. My wedding day went absoltely amazing.....I wouldnt have changed a single thing. It was romantic, emotional, exciting, and ended up being the very best day of my life. I had always hoped it would turn out good, but never imagined such a blissful and memorable day. I can't wait to get my Pro PICS back so I can post those.

My wedding website: