Jun 12, 2012

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Hi All PW Members,

I found this site after my husband and I married in June 2012.  Certainly wished I had found it sooner.  What got me started was planning our wedding with a budget of $5,000.  My husband and I have known each other about 8 years and finally decided we should get married.  I'm such a thrifty person, yes I love garage sales, thrift stores and coupons!  I keep record of all my spending and savings.  As of January 2012, I saved over $5,000 from my spending to alot for our wedding.  Mind you, my husband and I make decent salaries, but I was raised by a thrifty mother and so I save!  Well, anyway, I work in the educations field and my husband is an engineer.  We love southern California and travel when we can afford my coupons in I make him crazy, but I save us a ton of money!