Aug 28, 2004

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Repeat after me: "Rhee Rocks" I wish I could give Rhee 28 stars. She is the epitome of professionalism in every way. Years ago, when my husband and I were a newly engaged couple, I had to start shopping for photographers. As I was looking through many websites and proof books, I had an epiphany. What the heck am I doing looking through pictures of other people? I need to know how the photographer would capture our images, not of people I don't even know!!! This served my purpose for 2 reasons: 1) The best photographer would be chosen based upon their photos and how our personalities "clicked" and 2) We get an early start on our photo collection of "us" at the same time. A Win - Win situation for us, especially since I love displaying photos throughout my home. I e-mailed a couple of photographers asking to do a photo sitting and explained our intentions. That's when Rhee snapped her way into our lives. We started e-mailing and right away we just clicked. I loved how she understood me and I loved her sense of humor. We made a date to meet at a location and thats when I met her in person. SHE WAS AMAZING!! At first my husband and I felt a little weird having our own personal "paparazzi" following us around, but after 10 minutes of just being around her; she relaxed us and we were acting like our goofy selves. We were presented with our proofs a couple weeks later, and WOW! I was amazed and in love. She made me look and feel beautiful, I swear these pictures should be in magazines. The other thing that we loved about her is her honesty. Throughout our experience with her (pre-engagement, engagement and wedding), I came to realize that she will tell you if you really need something or not and she isn't going to lie to you just to get more money. I appreciate that in people. I have a huge family (my sister is a gorgeous model and is unfortunately very, very *snotty* when it comes to someone taking her picture) and everyone (even my sister) loved her and raves every time they see the photos. Bottom Line: She is the only one that is worth your business. She is so friendly, down to earth, honest, and proactive. If you want the best photographer, don't hire anyone else but the Rhee Bevere team. I have recommended her a million times and they have always hired her with the same satisfaction I have.
Services used: Photography