Oct 19, 2013

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I'm a 35 year old mother of 8 children-3 are mine by birth and 5 are his by birth but we consider all of them ours! I'm a fun-loving and easy-going person. I'm a God-fearing, bible-believing woman. I may not do all that I'm suppose to but I do know where my everything comes from and that's from God above! I do have a bit of a temper but I don't express it until I have had enough. I was raised on the southern way of life-- saying "yes ma'am/sir", "no ma'am/sir", "please", and "thank you", always respect your elders (no matter how old they are) and work hard for what you get in life. Do not ever talk about or mess with my kids, my honey, my family especially those close to my heart (sister-friends included), or my truck! (Each one carries a specific butt-kicking after a warning.) When I make friends I make them for life. This is why I have a few in my life. I stand for what I belief in 100%! I'm an American and wave my flag proudly! I stand with our troops as they stand for us. I make the best of all the negatives and enjoy all the positives-either way I praise God through it all!

 ~ Love N Prayers ~