Nov 02, 2009

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Finally found a dress for my bachelorette party!  I think I'll get it shortened a bit!  :)
bachelorette party photo 1

here's pictures from my big night out :)  we went to saddle ranch for dinner - and yes I rode the bull in my dress!!  then went to blvd 3 on sunset and had a blast!! 

bachelorette party photo 2bachelorette party photo 3bachelorette party photo 4bachelorette party photo 5

my MOH had this deck of cards that were so much fun ... the cards have a dare on them and the higher the points, the more daring.  each guest had to pick one for me to do ... if i couldn't complete the task, i had to take a shot.  everyone keeps asking where she got the cards from - here's a link online

find a guy to donate $10 to the bachelorette party fund:

bachelorette party photo 6

geta guy to give you a lap dance:

bachelorette party photo 7

borrow a guys cell phone and dial the last person dialed (it was his girlfriend!!!)bachelorette party photo 8

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We're doing an open bar of signature drinks ... here's my drink menu:

Paper photo 1

here's our sign for the candy buffet:

Paper photo 2

our sign for our guest book table:

Paper photo 3

for our tables, we decided to name each one after one of the Hawaiian islands instead of #'s:

Paper photo 4Paper photo 5Paper photo 6Paper photo 7Paper photo 8

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I'm ordering some starfish for my escort cards and I'll diy similar to these little things photo 1little things photo 2

here was my first pass at the starfsih - i didn't have my paper cutter on my and and it was printed on regular paper so it will look better!  the table name will be under the guests name and the bow will be lower.  Still looking for a tray to put them in though!!

little things photo 3


This is what I plan to do for the ring bearer ... I'm currently searching for large shells to diy ... this should be easy!

****edit**** bummer, no ring bearer for me :(

little things photo 4

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So this I have an obsession with lilikoi (passionfruit) so we're doing white cake with lilikoi filling!  This is the cake they are using for inspiration ... I told them to add a little splash of color.  This isn't the best picture ... I had to take a picture of the computer screen!  haha

the cake photo 1

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My flower girl is my cousins daughter ... she just got her dress and she's been twirling around the house all day long!!  :)

flower girl photo 1flower girl photo 2

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so I wanted to get a polaroid camera so people could take their pix, sign it and put it in a polaroid album ... but to my surprise, they don't make polaroid cameras anymore!!  looked on ebay and the cameras are cheap but since they don't make the film anymore, they are pretty pricey plus expired!  haha  so i found this new version called the fuji instax mini!  isn't it cute?  the film comes out smaller - the size of a credit card

Noname-3.jpg image by daniel_toh

I'll make a little sign with instructions for everyone.  Everyone takes a picture, they can sign their photo and I bought Hawaiian-ish pads of paper so guests can add additional notes if they like (favorite memory with us or maybe tips for the bride and groom). 

I just bought an album, which doesn't really fit the rest of the wedding colors but it's a simple black album which will look great on our coffee table!  Plus I got it on sale at Michaels!  Thought it was cute ... I can put pictures of me and FI in the front cover ... maybe one of him by himself, one of me by myself and 2 couple shots on the cover!  It has magnetic closures and opens up to the album portion.  I'll buy the adhesive photo corners and people can make their own pages in the album!!  What do you think??

  guest sign in book photo 1guest sign in book photo 2