Nov 02, 2009

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So I told my bridal party they can pick their own dresses as long as the colors matched and they were shorter length.  They ended up picking the same dress!!!  It will be in the scarlet color as shown in the front view. 

bridesmaids dresses photo 1bridesmaids dresses photo 2


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I had my first fitting!!!  I bought the sample that was in the store and it was way too big on me.  They didn't take my measurements when I bought the dress, figured they would do it all during my first fitting ... I get there, they zip me up and IT FIT???  Strange, how did they fit it to me without taking my measurements?!?!  Crazy, right?  It is the same dress though! 

Super excited!!  These aren't the best pictures of me ... hehe ... I'm trying to grow my hair out for the wedding! 

my dress photo 1my dress photo 2my dress photo 3my dress photo 4




just bought my earrings!

my dress photo 5

hair inspiration - hopefully my hair will grow out in time!!

my dress photo 6

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Unfortunately I got laid off a month after we got engaged and after we had already put the deposit down for our venue and coordinator in Hawaii.  But in a way it has been a blessing in disguise … being at home all day long sure has given me tons of time to plan my wedding!!  And, now that I’m on a budget, I’ve been trying to DIY a lot of stuff.  I just finished making my invitations!!  I found the images online as clip art and just put them all together!!  And being a total DIY budget bride now, I printed 100 sets (4 pieces + 2 envelops) for only $150 (this includes about $40 to rush and custom mailing labels)!

 my diy invites photo 1my diy invites photo 2my diy invites photo 3my diy invites photo 4my diy invites photo 5my diy invites photo 6


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So since I'm a bride on a budget, I'm doing my own centerpieces, and since it's a destination wedding I am relying on friends and family to help transport everything over to HI!  I figured people won't be taking the centerpieces after the receptions since they are on vacation and I didn't want to be stuck with tons of the same vases, so each table will have a different centerpiece. 

**edit** so we got our final counts and we had to add a table.  then i went to the store and found these and bought them!  hahah so the last picture of the 3 rectangular vases will now go on the cake table to display the bouquets!  :)

centerpieces and candy buffet photo 1centerpieces and candy buffet photo 2

centerpieces and candy buffet photo 3centerpieces and candy buffet photo 4centerpieces and candy buffet photo 5centerpieces and candy buffet photo 6

(don't mind the sheet on the table, it will be white linens but my glass table had such a glare I needed to cover it with something!)


and here's my candy table set up ... without candy ... but I'm planning 8 different candies, all in shades of blue.  The square plates will have these too die for cocoa cream puffs from Liliha bakery, the rectangle plates will have (hopefully my MOH and I can pull it off) brownie lollipops.  The cups on the sides will have candy sticks and lollipops on the other side. 

centerpieces and candy buffet photo 7

the diy favor boxes ... couldn't decide which ones ... so i did 1/2 and 1/2.  the 2nd one will have a little pink rhinestone in the center orchid for a little something.

centerpieces and candy buffet photo 8centerpieces and candy buffet photo 9



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I'm Sheri, he's Ben and we're having a destination wedding in Maui at the Haiku Mills ... sooooo beautiful isn't it?!  Even when we talked of getting engaged, we always knew we wanted to have it in Hawaii ... we've been there a few times together and we both love it (I'm a quarter Hawaiian hehe).  So as soon as he popped the question, I started looking for places to have our wedding, once I saw the haiku mills, I KNEW this was THE place!! 

about me photo 1

about me photo 2

using bamboo chairs to play up the natural surroundings

about me photo 3

Here's a ring shot ... (I'm his lilo and he's my stitch!)

about me photo 4