Oct 23, 2013

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Clayton and i have been together since Janurary of 2011. We've know each other since we were in fouth grade, we dated on and off for 9 years. It didnt take long for us to realize we were in love with each other.

In October of 2011, Clayton asked me to marry him.

Unforetuneately Clayton left for his job training and basic training for the military on July 23rd. He will be gone for about a year. This gives me plenty of time to plan out wedding though.

i may miss him a bunch, but i know he will be home soon, and we wil have the most beautiful wedding. He and I are both very excited, he told me to plan it how ever i wanted, as long as he got to wear his uniform.



It would gladly pleasured if anyone had any ideas to let me know, the whole wedding will be a surprise to him.