Mar 01, 2015

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We just created Our Wedding Website on ProjectWedding.com.  This website is for all of our family and friends to visit for the most up-to-date information on our future wedding.  Eventhough there has not been a proposal yet, John and I have agreed that we were met to be and are happilly in love.  We have agreed that we will be getting married on Sunday March 1, 2015.  So please check out our site at   http://www.projectwedding.com/ourwedding/edit/thelombas.  Thank You

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Here are some inspiration boards...(Blue Orchid, Royal Blue, Lavender, Black, White, Yellows)

Wedding Style photo 1           

 Thank you to Mrs.CaleYoung and mrsharris2012 for your "inspirational" help!!!





Wedding Atire



Bouqets & Flowers











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John, was born in the City of Providence on June of 1977.  He attended schools in and around the East Providence area and participated in many activities thoughout his academic years.  At East Providence High School, John majored in Family Law but wanted to pursue his passion, which is cooking.  John is currently working in Providence, RI as an Cook for an up scale restaurant.  He enjoys cooking, watching wrestling and playing video games.

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Danyell was born in Decemeber of 1979 in Bronx, NY.  She moved to Rhode Island at the age of nine and attended schools in the Providene area.  After graduating from Hope High School in 1997, Danyell attended Bentley University, majoring in Computer Information Systems.  She has completed multiple temporary position in the customer service and computer field. She also has worked in the child care field for numerous of years as Teacher's Assistant.  She landed a job nine years ago as a Customer Service Representive and is now working as a Call Back Coordinator with a large corporation in Southern New England.  Danyell enjoys to sing, dance, write poetry, and to simply have fun.  She also enjoys spending time at home with her seven year old son Jeremiah and her soon to be husband, John.