Mar 05, 2014

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Jesse and I have decided to fly to Maui and get married at the Royal Lahaina Resort.

We were originally going to have the traditional home bound wedding with all of our family and friends but decided that we want to enjoy the entire process from planning all the way through the honeymoon and have the least amount of stress as possible. To often brides and grooms at the end of the wedding say it was a rough experience and they would never do it again and I that's not the experience were looking for. This is planning the most important day of our lives and we should want to relive all of our memories again and again. We are flying to Maui and staying for 10 days the wedding will be held on the 3rd day March 5 2014 and the remainder of the stay will be our honeymoon. Both of our parents and siblings are attending and staying for the entire time of our stay. We have a wedding coordinator through the resort package and everything is going very well and stress free. We will be hosting a reception 3 months following the wedding at home to have all of our friends and family over to see the wedding pictures and video's.

Getting married in paradise you cant really ask for much more. 

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Everyone always ask's well... How did he do it !?!? 

Here's how.

If you have already read my bio you know we train a lot and of course he worked that into the proposal.

It was a Thursday and he had been acting very odd all day and I has suspected that he was ring shopping but my mom had assured me he was not (she knew he was, but not that he was proposing later the very night!) We always meet at the grocery store after work on Thursday's to go grocery shopping and he was so late that I was all done shopping by the time he had even got there and then he tells me he forgot our kickboxing Gi's which is extreamly out of the ordinary but I at this point was just thinking he was out of it that day.

 Then we went to practice and it was fitness week (double workout sessions) so we did over 1000 lunges at practice this particular night. Our legs were dead so we joked the entire way home about how we would never do another lunge again. When we returned home he snuck up behind me and said " My legs hurt so bad I feel like I just need to do one more lunge" I turned around so fast because I'm thinking why the hell would you want to do something like that?, well there he was on one knee with my dream engagement ring (actually it was the larger one) but I was so excited I forgot to say yes I was screaming and tackled him and gave him a big kiss I even forgot to let him put the ring on my finger I just ripped that thing out of it's box so fast and put it on. After about 10 mins when I calmed down I did remember to say YES!

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Jesse and I have been together sense May 27 2004. We are high school sweethearts who have grown and learned a lot together over the years. We are both train MMA mainly focusing on our Muay Thai kickboxing in which we are blue belts, we also train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Krav Maga. We enjoy being outdoors and love to hike and bike as much as we can.

 I am an Aesthetician (Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist) at a Dermatology practice and have been working for them full time for over 5 years now.

Jesse owns a contracting business with his father and they do all kinds of home improvement jobs. He has been working that for over 6 years now.

We just purchased out first home together this month!!! Now that that's over with we are trying to focus on the wedding planning.


Wish us LOTS of LUCK !