Mar 30, 2013

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At First we didnt even really Care for each other much it was just a client relastionship.he had a very smart mouth and was very cocky. So one day i called his place of employment to get an item i could use for a party and he asked me could he call me On a pesonal note. Dont know why i agreed to take to that.but i did .the First Nite we stayed On the phone talking and texting all Nite and it shocked me that we had so much in common since he is 4 yrs younger then me.(lol) oh My anyway ,so ha stated seeing More of each other and he took me On our First date On valentines day it was sweet and i really enjoyed it we went to the movies to c this really good movie .after we came back to My house and sat in the driveway and just talked. I thought that was the sweetiest thing .also it was so cute that he was not sure of when he could kiss me lol. But when he did it was worth the wait. I fell in love with Kenny ,shortly after,and our love proves age is nothing but a number,he is very mature for his age and On top of.all that he loves me and My four Kids and i love his daughter just like she was mine. Im not going to say this road has been easy but i woyld not change anything we have went through.i cant wait to be mrs Candace Renee Johnson,this is how we began