Mar 28, 2009

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8:00- Woke up & Shower
Frankie came home while I was in the shower...I was screaming out him to go away! lol)

11:00- Left to have my make-up and hair done

* For some reason while I was getting my hair done, Frankie called to tell me a friend of a friend gave us a dog as a wedding present, and asked what I wanted him to do with it! I was like I DONt KNOW!!!!

Wedding Day Run Down photo 1Wedding Day Run Down photo 2

3:00- We to the church, made sure everything was ready. Then relaxed with my best friend and my mom.

Wedding Day Run Down photo 3Wedding Day Run Down photo 4

4:00- Married my best friend and the love of my life!

* We forgot the flower pettals for the flower girl to throw. so I went outside to grabed some hay and stuffed it in her basket, so she threw hay. I also put hay in the tulle inbetween the pews. I got so many complements on how creative it was!

Wedding Day Run Down photo 5Wedding Day Run Down photo 6



Ceremony Songs:

Processional- The wedding march
Recessional- Bella's Lullaby ( I know Im pathetic)

Wedding Day Run Down photo 7

Reception Songs:

First Dance- Keep holding on by Avril Lavigne

Wedding Day Run Down photo 8
Father-Daughter- The Best Day- Taylor Swift

Wedding Day Run Down photo 9





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I love the yellow look, very bright and cheerfull. I am also a MAJOR coutry girl so I love the courty chic look! Here are a few inspiration pictures!

Inspirations photo 1


Inspirations photo 2

Inspirations photo 3




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As most of you know the drama with my dress. But anyway I found it at a small mom and pop type store. This was the third or forth I tried on...and this is it.


The Dress photo 1

The Dress photo 2



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Last October, my Fiance moved into our current home. He was moving his stuff in and my mom and grandmother were helping him move I had to work that night. I went over there after I got off and my whole family was there, and I was thinking...Why is EVERYONE here? Well and way we were all talking and about 30 minutes after I got there he asked me to get him something to drink, when I stood up he grabed my hand and got on one knee, and asked me to marry him, I was crying like a baby! lol

The Engagement photo 1The Engagement photo 2The Engagement photo 3The Engagement photo 4





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I live in Arkansas arond the Little Rock area. Frankie has lived here most of his life and I moved here in 2004 from Branson, Missouri. When we were married we had been together almost 5 years.  We are true high school sweethearts...


I was a sophmore in High school, he was a senior. I had been out of my last relationship for about 2 months and we had just got into yet another huge fight, so one of my girlfrinds convenced me to go to the football game, I reluctently went. When we got there we decided to sit with some friends of hers, and there he sat. We chatted casually for the entire game, my friend and I decided to leave early to avoid traffic, so did Frankie and his friend. They walked us to our car.

The next monday my friend came up to me and said that Frankie wanted my number, so I let her give it to him. He called the next night, I had never laughed so much ever! I knew he was different, I am normally extreamly researved person but with him I really wasnt! We talked for a few weeks and then we made if official...

About two months later, we went on a weekend trail ride with both of our familys, it was the most romantic thing I have ever done, we decided on the second night to go for a ride by ourselfs, as we were ridding we stoped to let the horses rest and he told me he loved me! He has been stuck with me ever since!!



How we met photo 1

Us in 2005


How we met photo 2How we met photo 3

Just a few of us over the years!!