May 19, 2012

First I was the Bride...now I'm the Wedding Planner...here, in Italy!!
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Today I start my blog about my HoneyMoon in New Zealand, I try to write in english so also you can read about our adventure!!

I hope you enjoi the idea :D


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Diego and I move in Milan in 2010 and our honeymoon will be in New Zealand in November (I talk about that later)

I want tell you were we go the first night!

Suspance.... hehehehe

So we go for the night in the Hotel Principe di Savoia, I link you the english web site. in the Hotel It's possible to do the Wedding too. It's a really beautiful place and we enjoy every moments (yes...you can made some joke :P )

The room It's like this one

The first night photo 1

The first night photo 2

The breakfast

The first night photo 3

The first night photo 4The first night photo 5


And now..... we the day AFTER!!

The first night photo 6

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Hi brides!

My name is Dafne and I'm italian. Sadly I discover this site too late and I'm already married (yeaaaahhhh)

May 19, in Truccazzano (near Milan) city hall we're get married and than we celebrate our party in Corneliano Bertario's Castle.

I really like this web site and I want tell you about my wedding and maybe help some of you to discover how, where and when merry in Italy if you want!!