Feb 09, 2013

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Here they are ladies!!


Engagement Pics photo 1 Engagement Pics photo 2

Engagement Pics photo 3 Engagement Pics photo 4Engagement Pics photo 5

Engagement Pics photo 6 Engagement Pics photo 7Engagement Pics photo 8

Engagement Pics photo 9

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I think my theme has turned from non-existant to GLITTER. But what can i say i am my grandmothers child......HA! Well I bought the plain wood letters from Hob Lob and coveres them with this thick scrapbook paper. Used some tacky glue and glued the etters and paper together. Cut them out with an exacto knife and tada! And these invites.....DO NOT BUY DIY invites that you have to put together. I added the ribbon cuz it was very blah. I only got these because they were on clearence at Michaels for $9??  I had to buy ink. Ribbon blah blah blah...Its annoying and my fingers hurt! Just let someone else make them. Save your time and sanity! OHHHH and dont waste your time on making photobooth props. Just buy them!


Cake Table Letters and Invites photo 1

Cake Table Letters and Invites photo 2

Cake Table Letters and Invites photo 3



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Here is my actual dress. I posted on the boards but not on my bio.


The Dress The actual Dress photo 1

The Dress The actual Dress photo 2

The Dress The actual Dress photo 3

The Dress The actual Dress photo 4


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I am not ashamed to say that im cheap lol. I just dont believe in paying top dollar for everything when you can literally find equal or even better for less. Im just a discount kinda girl. BUT what about a cake. I have been loking at publix wedding cakes. I had an old classmate who did cake decorating there and they looked fab. I was wondering has anyone on PW done a publix or grocery store wedding cake? 

These are a few im interested in......


What About The Cake photo 1 What About The Cake photo 2

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Im very happy. In such a short period of time I have accomplished a lot. Got my reception hall booked. Went to look at it finally and its older but beautiful!! Has a seperate room for food thats next to the kitchen and a bar seperate as well. Very nice! Got my dress. Got a lot of vases from Michaels on clearence about 10 huge vases for $14. I was so satisfied with myself with that find. Went to a linen rental in Daytona got that taken care of. Ordered my tableoverlays. Floating candles. Paper lanters. Sounds so basic but its so much more than what i has 2 weeks ago! 



These are my vases please excuse the excessive mess in just about every pic. My house looks like a storage room with all this wedding stuff!!

Finally Making Progress photo 1


Just testing out some ideas. I used plastic/rubber callalillies from Hobby Lobby they were $1.50? Rocks from the dollar tree and these small vases are from the tree too. Floating candles i got on e-bay. I figured why submerge real flowers its a waste of money.....


Finally Making Progress photo 2


Finally Making Progress photo 3 Finally Making Progress photo 4



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My Decor will be all white table cloths with purple overlays only in satin and in oganza to alternate. Plum and Lavender.

Decor photo 1Decor photo 2Decor photo 3


And on the tables will be a floating center piece and alternate with fresh flower center pieces here are some of my inspirations......


Decor photo 4Decor photo 5Decor photo 6



So far i have decorated some vases i want to use for the flowers only. I hope they arent to tacky??


Decor photo 7


I made my own archway pieces too this is the ONLY place you will see artifical flowers. I hate fake plants. Im not putting too much emphasis on these to be quite honest. Ceremony is 10-15 min i doubt these will be a main focus a top of an archway. They are not quite done one more trip to hobby lobby and thats one less task to do! 


Decor photo 8