Feb 09, 2013

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This is my color scheme. The greens will be accent colors with flowers, some ribbons and my candy for my candy bar.


My Colors photo 1

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It's a complete and total risk but im buying my dress online. Dresses are so limited for plus size girls i didnt really like any of the dresses from David's Bridal and thats literally the only store that carries plus size. So im going to take a risk and buy what I REALLY want! If this fails i will have to try this ONE outlet boutique where te dress u try on is the one u buy. I kept thinking i was going to have this WOW crying moment so the dresses i tried on didnt really "move me" so i dint think im one of those cry when i find the right dress girls lol!


I tried these on in Orlando:

The Dress photo 1The Dress photo 2


But i am ordering this: 

The Dress photo 3

I think it will be great for the beach and im praying it fits and i love it more in person! 


So i totally changed my mind on a dress. I found They have replica dresses with actual pictures and you can add modify things to the dress for no extra charge. Takes at the most 20 days to get here. They even had David's bridal and Vera dresses. Im stuck between these 2......


My first choice is this one it reminds me of the davids bridal one i likes so much......going to add a one shoulder sleeve with a hading sash and a sash to the middle of the dress as well for more structure....


This is my 2nd choice....I just love the look of this dress and this peach collor almost make me change my wedding colors to purple and peach just so i could wear this color dress!!!

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I cant decide on a venue. One is just perfect but a little pricy. Celebration Place is just what i want but on a budget. $650 on a Saturday 8hrs and $100 for a bartender if you want liquor!! Cray!!  Peninsula Club is much more affordable but doesnt have good reviews. Only $50 per hr min 4 hrs. 

This is Celebration Place In Ormond they provide EVERYTING 

The Venue photo 1


This is Peninsula 

The Venue photo 2

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I'm Kristina. 27 and getting hitched on Feb 9th 2013! Its a DIY affair and to say im on a bugdet is an understatement. But im a firm believer in the fact that you dont have to spend a milli to ave a nice classy wedding. You CAN do it on a fir, budget. And we shall see! I met my guy, fell and now we want to make it offical. I always put time limits on love but this relationship has proved to me that when you know you most defininetly know. We have only been together a year and i have never been more certain about something in my life. This is the most effortless and fun relationship i have been in. I have never met someone more compatable. He's from Jamaica and his values are different. Some of them you cant buy from a man in America! So in Feb i am becoming Mrs.Smith and never been happier.There was no big proposal. He just simply said i think we should get married, we are both of age and ready for a family and kids. We picked out rings and here we are! I hope i can look back at project wedding and see what i accomplished in such short time and how enjoyable and hectic this experience was! Wish me luck!!!!