Feb 09, 2013

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Budget $? No budget was actually set since it’s a DIY Wedding

I estimate it will be about a $3000 Wedding



Venue: $50/hr- Rented for 9 hrs plus the $100 liquor permit. Total about $600? Mom paid for this.

Ceremony cost: Free! We are having a beach side ceremony and its totally FREE!

Catering/Food: $300?? We are catering ourselves. And a family friend is cooking out meats as long as we provide them. So between buying food, drinks, candy ect. I estimate about $300 bucks. Mom and I are splitting this

Ceremony/Reception Items: $200. Chair Covers and all linens, Archway, vases, ect.


Photographer: FREE. My cousin is a photog and he is doing my wedding as my gift. I couldn’t be happier to save a few thousand dollars! All I have to pay for is the printing of the pics which is about $150

Officiant: Free my uncle is a minister and this is his gift to me!

License: $93 in Florida. FI paid for!


Dress: $300 bought as a sample dress from E-bay it’s an Alfred Angelo. Mom bought.

Alterations: $120 Had to get the dress taken out and dry cleaned. I paid for.

Accessories: $70 Birdcage veil $15, Necklace set $12, Shoes DSW $42, I bought all my accessories.

Grooms Suit: $250 Linen suit from mens warehouse plus alterations. And the Best Man got his suit for free on a BOGO deal. FI and I paid for.


DJ: FREE-As a gift from a family friend her son who is a DJ is doing our event free of charge!

Hotel: $125 For me and FI my mom book thru a friends timeshare for 5 days at an awesome location and my fav timeshare! Dad paid for.


The Musts

Invitations:$70- I bought a DIY kit but after buying ribbon to put on it and ink for the printer it cost me about $70. This doesn’t include thank you cards. We didn’t do save the dates.

Programs: I’m doing them myself! So Free!

Cake: $250-Cake from Publix and mom is paying for it.


The Vanity

Beauty:$150. Im getting extensions the hair cost me $40 and the stylist charge $50. I have to buy new foundation, setting spray lashes ect. $60.

Spray Tan:$30

Nails/Toes: $60 My cousin paid for this as my gift!



Helpers/MOH Gift basket: $50/Free Partially. My mom had a bunch of unused gift cards to a spa. So I racked up from their store to make baskets for all those who helped out. 5 total. My MOH I got some Ciroc Peach, A Curling Wand and all her fav chap sticks, earrings and nick knacks. The baskets from the dollar tree and the shrink wrap.

Florist: $75-100 I plan on spending about that much on flowers I am doing them myself including my bouquet and the bout’s, a new centerpieces.

Favors: $75 –didn’t have much room in the budget for a favor so I did the candy bar as my favor. So for all candy and vases. 

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Today i ordered my cake from Publix. Its was about $230. A new cake that  just noticed on the website. It will be 3 tiers with the same flowers in a slightly darker color. will serve 50-75 people! 


Ordered My Cake photo 1

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Got my applique in and made me a headband. Only to realize that im wearing hair extension and may not be able to hide the headband thru the hair like i had planned! But it still looks nice! 


My DIY For The Week photo 1 My DIY For The Week photo 2

My DIY For The Week photo 3

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So i had to fire my original MOH who was my oldest friend. It was a nightmare. But it all worked out in the end. I had a friend step up who was more than willing to be my MOH and take on the role! We settled in a dress from David's was on clearwence for $70! It wasnt the color i wanted but it was close. Got it in about a week! Also got my applique for my head piece just have to make it now!

A Few Updates photo 1A Few Updates photo 2


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The fiance is SO picky. He is wearing a Linen suit that we picked up at Mens Warehouse which conveniently had a BOGO Free sale so his (last minute 4 weeks before the wedding) best man will get a free suit. They will more than likely wear just a nice white tee underneath. I hated they way he looked in a collared shirt tie and so did he so i am absolutely ok with a more casual look! My (last minute and replacement MOH) Is probably going to wear this David's Bridal dress. As long as shes clothed and in purple its fine with me!


For Him photo 1 For Him photo 2

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Ok so I finally purchased a veil from E-bay (my fav place to shop)today. I got a regular sized birdcage only $15 in ivory. I posted a pic about needing suggestions and i finally decided. I also got a pais of saldals for the ceremony since its on the beach. I bought some rhinestone flip-flops $10. I would normally never wear flips but for this occasion what would be easier?? Got my reception shoes from DSW for $40. Nice plum color very cute heels. Thanks to the ladies who helped me pick!! And i will post on the boards but i need help picking an applique for my headband that i will make will post everything below! 34 days to go!!


Veil Head Piece and Shoes photo 1 Veil Head Piece and Shoes photo 2Veil Head Piece and Shoes photo 3Veil Head Piece and Shoes photo 4