May 25, 2012

( 3.2 / 5.0 )
It might be because I'm a picky bride, but I was not thrilled with the flowers. I am one of those annoying brides who brings in pictures of exactly what I want. I literally sent Barbara a link and asked her to make the flowers look just like that. On the wedding day, I was disappointed. Were the arrangements pretty? Yes. She did a nice job. However, they did not look like what I asked for. I understand miscommunications when brides try to explain what they're thinking, but I had given her pictures, so I'm not sure why her outcome looked so different. Prices are reasonable, so go with B&G Sawin if you are happy to let them style the flowers.
Services used: Flowers

( 4.0 / 5.0 )
Caitlin is a very sweet and easy person to be around. She made me look beautiful on my wedding day. However, her time management skills were not great. She arrived on time and we had from 9 am to 3 pm for hair and makeup for 3 people. Somehow Caitlin ran behind so that we barely finished in time and we had to leave with her still in the room to clean up after herself. One of the people had a very orange look that was not good. I think Caitlin is really good at making people look beautiful but it was hard for me to imagine how she would do with a larger bridal party. Overall I recommend her but make sure you have plenty of time.
Services used: Beauty & Health

Chris O'Hare
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Chris is amazing!!! She was one of my very favorite vendors for the wedding. She is so so sweet! I had to cancel one of our meetings last minute and she was really understanding. Besides that, she is competent. My dress needed a decent amount of work, including changing the neckline, adding cups, bustling the train, and taking it in A LOT. When I bought it as a sample at Vows, it was at least 3 sizes too big. Chris had to essentially remake the whole dress, including the complicated asymmetrical rouching that swept across.

She did an amazing job-- the dress looked like it was made for me! I cannot recommend her enough!! Like others have said, her workspace is a chaotic mess, but don't let that throw you. I can't see why anyone would go to another seamstress in the Boston area. After hearing horror stories from friends who went to the seamstress recommended by Vows and paid more than 4x what I did for a poorer outcome, I thought I had to do a review here.

Go to Chris-- you won't regret it!!! I have zero complaints.
Services used: Dress & Attire