May 11, 2013

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13 more days. Yep. Just under 2 weeks untill the "Big Day". Beings me and Alex already got legally married in december this is really just a re-newing of our vows for our families. But boy do i have some stuff to catch yall up on. So a few days after my first post ( Little Catch Up ) I found out that my wedding dress no longer fit and was WAY BEYOND alterations. I would have needed another 6 inchs to get it to fit. But I also found out WHY my dress is now to small. We are expecting our first child!!! YAY!!! I am 11 weeks today! So we have been doing ALOT of baby prep. 


But back to the wedding stuff. We finaly booked a venue. phew. I got a new wedding dress. Really all thats left is a BUNCH of little stuff. We ended up not doing the converses we planned on. I fell in love with a pair of purple heels. ^-^ So yeah. its all starting to come together finally. Im now trying to figure out how i want the cake. Im baking and decorating it myself. GO DIY BRIDES!!!


Anyway lol. Lots to do. TTYL!

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The Brides 

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The Groomsmen

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The Groom

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So I know i havent really been posting anything on the status of our wedding so im gana play the catch up game with you.


Alex and I are both in the military, thats how we met. We went to Washington State for 2 weeks with our unit last June and came back July 1st. That was our first official day in our new home and Alex hadnt seen it. So I walked him around and gave him the tour. And he started talking about how this was a big step for us and how things are really going to change and how some things needed to change. Then he said that we were going to have alot of wrenches thrown at us and he was probably going to throw in the bigest wrench of all. Thats when he proposed to me.


At the time i worked at an up and coming resort in the area as Office Manager. It was a beautiful place. Thats where i wanted to have the wedding. We had EVERYTHING planned out. And then I lost my job, not 4 months before the wedding, We lose our ceremony AND reception venue.


So here I am, 2 months before the wedding, starting from scratch. Families are taking over, "Have it here!" "No have it HERE!" "You have it there I'll have to drive to far" "Its to far to drive if you have it There!" Back and forth non stop. >.<


So yeah. Thats where I'm at. A wedding with no venue, guest with no rooms, stuck in unemployment, and almost out of asprin.


Dont I just love wedding planning......