Jun 02, 2012

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After what seems like years of preparation, my brother and sister in law's wedding ceremony had finally commenced. We were all afraid that everything would be ruined by the downpour the night before. Luckily, it stop as I was driving at 3 o'clock in the morning trying to get final preparation under way. The morning came sooner than anyone wanted but at least the sun was beaming on us. I can describe the scenery as something out of a fairytale; clear blue sky, no humidity and two very excited people. We proceeded through the ceremony both at home and at church with great ease. I guess everything flows effortlessly when you practice for six months straight prior to the ceremony. My entire family was bought to tear as my eldest sister gave her speech wishing the now newlywed the best of luck as they venture into uncharted territory of a married couple. The night ended with great joy and jubilation as our family and friends joined us for the reception. We decided to venture out of our comfort zone and had our reception at the Hilton on Cityline Avenue. Since most of our guest generally attended events locally and in Asian restaurants the Hilton was generally new and exciting for everyone. The service was spectacular and the servers were very well adapted to finding ways to communicate with our guest regardless of the language barrier. We danced until time was up and my sister in law was finally about to let loose and enjoy her wedding. None of this could have been possible if it wasn’t for Mr. Randy Schaller guidance and expertise. He was diligent and thoughtful to cater to our needs and keeping to the values and custom of our culture. To my brother and sister! I know that you two love each other dearly, and I wish both of you happiness and wonder in your marriage.