May 25, 2013

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We did our first dance a little different :D 

Wedding Reception photo 1

Wedding Reception photo 2

Wedding Reception photo 3

Wedding Reception photo 4

Wedding Reception photo 5


Wedding Reception photo 6

Wedding Reception photo 7


Then we ate some amazing food, no pics yet but it was so good! 

We did the shoe game, again no pics yet

Garter Toss we awared the guy who caught it a Jameson 12yr so people were fighting for it

Wedding Reception photo 8

Wedding Reception photo 9

Wedding Reception photo 10

Wedding Reception photo 11


Then he danced with his mom

Wedding Reception photo 12

Cut the cake

Wedding Reception photo 13

Wedding Reception photo 14

I smushed a little on him after being egged on by the family

Wedding Reception photo 15

Teaching our ex Roommate how to Gangham style

Wedding Reception photo 16

Final dance :(

3 hrs was not enough time! We felt jipped but went out after to meet people downtown. I didn't realize how tired I was till we got there.

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all of the Recap's are non pro pics, I will upload pros when I get them to another page :)



It was such an amazing day! It went by so fast though! 

The Morning of my Matron of Honor announced to every place we stopped that the Bride has entered lol, So embarassing but it is the one day you can say that. 

Wedding Ceremony Recap photo 1

7am when she picked me up at the hotel 

Wedding Ceremony Recap photo 2

7:30 Coffee stop

Wedding Ceremony Recap photo 3

Wedding Ceremony Recap photo 4

Wedding Ceremony Recap photo 5

Finished hair and make-up only took 2.5 hrs

We got me dressed then did a first look, he started to tear up but said "Holy Shit babe you look amazing" I felt pretty good after that and my nerves were gone. 

Wedding Ceremony Recap photo 6

Wedding Ceremony Recap photo 7

Wedding Ceremony Recap photo 8

Then we did group pics on the venue and we had a lot of fun but had to run and hide after so no one saw me. 

Wedding Ceremony Recap photo 9

My new sister

Wedding Ceremony Recap photo 10

Wedding Ceremony Recap photo 11

Then the Ceremony began, I was such a nervous wreck I had to pee and of course my girls were troopers and held my dress :P

Wedding Ceremony Recap photo 12

Him walking his mom(she sews and made her top)

Wedding Ceremony Recap photo 13

The Groomsmen

Wedding Ceremony Recap photo 14


Wedding Ceremony Recap photo 15

his father walked me down

Wedding Ceremony Recap photo 16

Vow time (I started crying before I started reading and then he cried giving his too.)

Wedding Ceremony Recap photo 17


First Kiss as man and Wife

Wedding Ceremony Recap photo 18



Wedding Ceremony Recap photo 19

Saber Arch

Wedding Ceremony Recap photo 20

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Our Seat Sign

Wedding Stuff photo 1


Guestbook Tree

Wedding Stuff photo 2


My Rings

Wedding Stuff photo 3

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Engagement Pics photo 1


Engagement Pics photo 2


Engagement Pics photo 3


Engagement Pics photo 4


Engagement Pics photo 5


Engagement Pics photo 6


Engagement Pics photo 7


Engagement Pics photo 8


Engagement Pics photo 9


Engagement Pics photo 10


Engagement Pics photo 11


Engagement Pics photo 12

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Our Wedding WAS May 25th!


We are having the ceremony and reception at The Mackey House in Savannah GA.

Our Wedding photo 1


Our theme is Military Vintage, all groomsman and my lovely fiance will be in uniform. Our colors are Champagne, Ivory and accents of Navy in small places. 


My Dress is an Oleg Cassini and it is stunning I didn't want something with too much on it but I fell in loveI


My bouquet will be of tulips and babysbreath and the bridesmaids will have all babysbreath with some shiny jewels.

Our Wedding photo 4Our Wedding photo 5

Their dresses are Champagne and are from Davids Bridal :) 

Our Wedding photo 6

We are going to have 3 flower girls because I love the idea of a ton of cute little girls walking down the aisle.

Our Wedding photo 7 



My venue is doing the decorations for the whole thing and I'm not a big flower person so I'm having candles everywhere since it is an outside wedding and reception it will be really pretty :)


Our Wedding photo 8 


We are getting a sparkler exit on the venue's dime but they told us we can do fireworks if we want to as well so we are going to buy some and have them as well! 

Our Wedding photo 9

They have a pool on the deck but starting this fall they are putting in a light up dance floor!

Our Wedding photo 10


save the dates 


Our Wedding photo 11


Our Invites(I made them, super proud)



Our Menu

Garden Reception
Finger Sandwiches

Display One
Grilled Vegetable Display
Fresh Fruit Display
Crab & Artichoke Dip w/ Tri-colored chips

Display Two
Mashed Potato Bar w/ Brandied Chicken Gravy & Beef/Guinness Gravy (a little Irish nod), shredded cheese, bacon, sour cream, chives, diced tomatoes, onions

Display Three
Slider Bar w/ Pulled BBQ Pork, Mini Burgers, Cheeses, lettuce, tomato, onion, slaw, assorted mayo, mustard, BBQ sauce. Carving station with Roast beef and turkey.

Display Four
Down South Krispy Kreme doughnut station w/ vanilla ice cream, coca-cola reduction, candied pecans 
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My name is Tiffany and my Husband is Chris

We were married May 25th 2013 but had the typical military wedding at the courthouse Nov 9 2012

We have a dog together he is our child and he is the most spoiled baby ever, he sleeps under the covers with us and has more toys than I have shoes.