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Our Wedding Details! (below our pictures you will see our inspirations and plans)

                          Our Placecards                                                  Our GuestBook

Details photo 1  Details photo 2

                                                     Our Programs (provided by our Priest)

                                       Details photo 3

                                                                      Our Favors

                                                     Details photo 4

 Detail Inspiration!

Details photo 5Details photo 6Details photo 7

Our place cards will be black with a ivory overlay pic #3 that will display the name and the table number will be displayed inside a red heart on the corner and when you open the card it will say Happy Valentine's Day! inside stamped in ivory metallic ink!

 Details photo 8 Details photo 9 Details photo 10

Our Guest book (screw the tree I thought it was overrated so I change it) a scrapbook will have enevlopes for guest tol write their Valentine Day love notes to us on heart shaped ivory cards from papersource they will place them in the enevlopes and we will always have V-day cards to read on V-day. they will find their place cards on a table that will have rose petals, candles, and pictures of us and our parents similar to pic #1  and pic #1.(can't decide on a round or square table.



Okay so here is the mock up of our placecards I will use real cardstock for the names but I use reg paper for practice. Re-thinking the heart and I like the inside message not as clean as I would like it but its nice.

     Details photo 11  Details photo 12

Our Guestbook (another DIY Project that I had fun making)I wanted a black book but Josh made me get red     :( this is why... I knew the reds would not match which really gets to me so I may buy black ones now...all in all I like our guestbook its unique and something our guest wont expect!

Details photo 13  Details photo 14 Details photo 15


Details photo 16Details photo 17Details photo 18

      Details photo 19  Details photo 20

These are how our favors will be but ours will have a heart shaped sticker on top that will read Josue & Maribel ( inside will be chocolate kisses) bought 200 from efavor mart for 30.00.

Details photo 21 Details photo 22Details photo 23 Details photo 24 Details photo 25 Details photo 26

     Details photo 27  Details photo 28

     Avoid These Wedding Etiquette Disasters  article photo  Flowers, Hair, Reception, Cake, Orange, Dress, Ceremony, Makeup, Bridesmaids, Bride, Angeles, Beautiful, California, Dj, Amber, Ambiance

Our centerpieces will be just like these but ours will have all red flowers, roses, dahilas, and tulips with berries they will also have tall broken glass votive candle holders instead of the short ones similar to the one on the last picture.t (our tables will have three). I love the photo shots of the last page!

                                             Details photo 29

Okay these our reception flower centerpieces I like them we will add the long votive candles on the table for dramatic light!

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 Our Wedding Cake!

the CAKE photo 1  the CAKE photo 2  the CAKE photo 3 

the CAKE photo 4   the CAKE photo 5

Josh and I love CAKE! It will have  table decor the cake overall appearance of the cake will look like cake #1 but with black ribbon on every layer and the piping of cake #2 on every other layer the flavors will be coconut cream with white cake(top layer), mocha cream with chocolate (second layer), chocolate mousse with white cake(third layer), and chocolate fudgewith chocolate cake (bottom layer). Our Cake top will be our initials J & M that was a DIY project and I dazzled with black/diamond and red crystals all for 20.00. (stay tune for pictures) we got our letters we have to paint them black and they will spell out AMOR

cthe CAKE photo 6 the CAKE photo 7the CAKE photo 8


This the design Josh mocked up for the Cake lady to use but the detailing will be the picture above.

This is also our AMOR letters thanks to HMM for her ideas ( her cake table kick ass so I will try to copy it)

This is my DIY topper I love the blinged out ones but I was not about to pay 50.00 for one so our is more like 1.50 I hope it doesnt show!  (the heart is red okay not orange like the pic dumb old camera)


                                               the CAKE photo 9

the CAKE photo 10 the CAKE photo 11 the CAKE photo 12

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Our Wedding Attire!

                                                                        The Bride and Her Gown

the attire photo 1  the attire photo 2  the attire photo 3     

 the attire photo 4   the attire photo 5

       the attire photo 6     the attire photo 7    the attire photo 8

                                                          The Handsome Groom

the attire photo 9  the attire photo 10  the attire photo 11

                                   The Boys                                                            The Girls

  the attire photo 12   the attire photo 13

                         Flower Girl                                          The RingBearer

     the attire photo 14 the attire photo 15                  

the attire photo 16  the attire photo 17

the attire photo 18  the attire photo 19






Dressing Fittings!

the attire photo 20 the attire photo 21 the attire photo 22the attire photo 23 the attire photo 24 the attire photo 25

the attire photo 26 the attire photo 27 the attire photo 28

the attire photo 29 the attire photo 30 the attire photo 31


my dress from davids bridal I love it!!!!!! (the picture does nothing for the dress trust me try it on!!!! You will feel like a princess!) it will be in ivory and with a sweetheart shape top I wanted something modern and vintage but had to go with the traditional I LOVE IT!!!! plus for under 700.00 I cant go wrong!!! I will wear my moms veil and red shoes to dazzle! (my something new) .Update!! once i got my dress and try on the other jewerly I knew it would not go so I changed and bought this combo for 20.00! my garter from!!the attire photo 32 the attire photo 33

 the attire photo 34the attire photo 35the attire photo 36Wedding, Makeup


Pic one my hair for the dancing and exit with red flowers and pic 2 hair for the ceremony and dinner with ivory and makeup of pic 3 all day!

 the attire photo 37the attire photo 38the attire photo 39


these are the bridemaids dresses and they are going to look sexy and chic!!! also from David's Bridal!!!

the attire photo 40the attire photo 41

the flower girls dresses are so cute I plan on putting some rinestone brooches I bought at claries for 8.00 on the side of the waist to make them glam!  our ring pillow I wanted something different and found it online and bought it.


The flower girl dress I didnt like at all it was gold not cream so I went shopping at dillard's and found this dress and I DIY Flowergirl basket like 4.00each ( I made two). Also the pillow well I got it and the heart is purple not black so I sent it back got a pillow from walmart 7.99 aand DIY I will post picutres later

            the attire photo 42    the attire photo 43

                   the attire photo 44the attire photo 45

Josh will be in tux #1 but with ivory underneath to match my dress and the guys along with my uncle will be in the classic black tux of #2. all with red roses!!

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Our Wedding Ceremony & Reception!      

where and when photo 1   where and when photo 2  

                                where and when photo 3

 where and when photo 4 where and when photo 5  where and when photo 6

 where and when photo 7    where and when photo 8

 where and when photo 9    where and when photo 10

 (on a side thing I really regret is that I didnt take any of pictures of the tables myself...and that I didnt move quicker to get a fire permit that candles would have made a huge difference!)

 Our Inspiration the Invite !

                               where and when photo 11

these our inviations that I order!!!after much planning on a traditional vintage (gold, ivory, red) theme wedding my FH found these and sold me on the black,white, red modern vintage theme instead!!!"

Planning from Texas !!!

we will be getting married and having our reception at the Brookside Golf Course in Pasadena...totally affordable and am planning hard on making it the most romantic night ever!!!

           where and when photo 12where and when photo 13

For the ceremony since we are getting married in a glazebo am hanging sheer ivory curtains that I got from Ikea and these do it yourself heart wreaths (I will post pic later my camera not working right now!!) I made fourteen

10 in. ones and one large 20 in. for the middle.

where and when photo 14 where and when photo 15 


The mock up of my walk up to the asile there will be more petals but because I dont want to clean I only did also a white runner. My tia is making us the heart wreaths I havent seen them but am sure they are lovely!

                  where and when photo 16 where and when photo 17

For my walk down the aisle I purchased luminaries from save on to line it with light like picutre #1 (we are getting married at 5pm the sun will be going down by then) but they are plugg in ones so I will cover the wire with red rose petals...I will post pics later

where and when photo 18where and when photo 19where and when photo 20where and when photo 21where and when photo 22

 where and when photo 23 where and when photo 24

where and when photo 25 where and when photo 26


SO we did our detailing and the tables will be dressed like this:

I know I know its not what we had discussed but Josh didnt like the black on black. My sis made up the mock up and she said it looked very elegant and tux like so I trust her and all in all I like the way it looks! (Dont picture the flowers ours are red)


Our Venue looks similar to what the pictures are above. We are planning on th linens to be the same as pic 3 but with the ivory covers with a black sash and black table linens but with red chargers and red flowers and candle lit dinner !

Our theme is Modern Vintage!!!Our Colors are BLACk, RED, and IVORY with a little bit of glam!!!!

Wedding Inspiration Board Red Black Modern

            where and when photo 27 where and when photo 28

             where and when photo 29  where and when photo 30

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My FH and I have been going out for 4 months when he asked me to marry him( hey when yor know you just know) and I insanely in love said yes on our V-day celebration date...which had to be on the saturday of the week because I had to work :( on v-day... we kept it from everyone for a awhile until he made the big move to am in a loving relationship in a new a new a new home...while still trying to plan a wedding in Los Angeles that is 4months away....thank you project wedding for existing!!!!!

                            how it all happened photo 1

 (these were out STD's , many said they were super cute)