Jul 14, 2012

( 2.2 / 5.0 )
I hired Adrian and Wasabi for my American/Chinese wedding expecting great results especially from reading all the reviews. I wanted a DJ/MC that can speak English and Mandarin and decided to pay premium for their services since they assured me they will do an excellent job. That was not the case.

My complaints were not for Wasabi but for Adrian and his DJ team. Wasabi did a great job. She is well versed in both English and Mandarin. She kept the reception together and was attentive to the newlyweds and guests needs. The games we played kept the reception lively and fun.

Adrian and his DJ team on the other hand did not perform the most basic requirements necessary for a smooth ceremony and reception. The DJ missed the mark on the Bride's processional song. There was no music when the Bride started walking that the Groom had to give a look to the DJ and he just shrugged. Not only that, after the Bride and Groom were pronounced Mr. and Mrs., the DJ missed the cue again and there was no song. Only after about a minute of the Bride and Groom wondering where was the song, it started playing. I paid an extra for them to DJ at the ceremony and they messed up the most important parts. During the reception, I heard a couple songs on the playlist but many songs were random ones that Adrian played. The groom had to tell Adrian to pick it up because the songs were too lathargic for the reception. Only after, the songs started getting better. Then during the speech from my MOH, my MOH was extremely angry at Adrian for messing up her speech and playing the song at the wrong time. This interuppted her speech and messed up the timing.

I had a lot of complaints from guests and the wedding party that the DJ was not good. Adrian was the most diffcult vendor that I had to deal with. It was hard to work with him in the beginning and in the end, he did not deliver. I would not recommend Let's Make a Memory to anyone. If Wasabi MC'd separate from Adrian, I would consider Wasabi by herself. I definitely do not recommend Adrian and his DJ team, they were apathetic to the wedding itself and did not perform on so many levels. They are a lot more expensive than other DJ's and are not worth it. Save the hassle and look for someone else.
Services used: DJ
Let's Make A Memory
First of all, I'd like to extend my best wishes to you and to Michael.
I'd like to address your concerns about our services which you have just recently reviewed.
I have spoken to the DJ at your ceremony right after and he said that everything was perfect. I have worked with him for a period of time and I trust he will not fail you. He waits for the wedding coordinator's queue before playing the songs and I know for a fact that's what he did. Your entrance from ways up wasn't visible from his line of sight and the only way form him to play the song was through the queue from the coordinator. As for the recessional, I believe that there was no mistake on our part as again he got the queue from the coordinator. The coordinators from the Ambassador was impressed with our performance that she asked us for our contact information.
The music from your dinner were the once on your requested list. I played those because those were specified on your list and albeit the numerous request from guests, I stuck with your list because that were your requested songs. We changed up the tempo of the music during dinner because the instructions came from you and Michael. As what we said in the meeting, we do what our clients requests and we adhere to our end of the deal.
Moreover, the song from your MOH was not from my track. She was the one who played your slideshow, and the stopped then did her little speech and then she played the track from her laptop so I don't have anything to do with the timing of her song and I don't think that holding us responsible for that sounds fair.
In terms of our pricing, we charged your fairly and in accordance to the market rate. You didn't pay premium price for the DJ at your ceremony because that is a separate service that you requested to have.
We treat our customers with utmost respect and we have replied to your email in less than 24 hours and address any concerns so I am not sure on how we were the most difficult vendor you have dealt with. In total, we had exchanged 35 emails about changes in your timeline and you had requested changes even 2 days prior to your wedding date; to have certain timings to your songs done i.e. your father and daughter - mother and son dance and your first dance. We made it happen for you because we understand the importance of it.
Lastly, I can show you photos of how many people were on the dance floor when we opened the dance floor and that shows that your guests enjoyed the various genres of music that we played. During the later part of the night, there were several guests that asked for our business cards and complimented about the music and the MC after your reception thus, it implies something positive.
Once again, we'd like to extend our congratulations to you and Michael. We do appreciate your business.