Oct 27, 2012

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My name is Abbey Hinshaw and my Fiance's name is Ben Brubaker. We have known eachother for about two and a half years and been dating for a year. I love our story because the first day that I had net him I jokingly said to my mom, "I'm gonna marry him someday."  He had previously been engaged to his ex and it was a really bad breakup so I thought that it would be years before he would ask or even think about it.

Saturday August 4th,2012 we had what is called country fest near our town whis is basically a huge concert with alcohol and food.  He had told me he had a surprise for me that whole day well of course my mind starts thinkning he is going to ask but no he never did the surprise was just the fact that he hated concerts but went anyways. and on top of that dissapointment I had lost my 2.License  in a port-a-pot and 3.$40. yupp bad night. oH and it stormed pretty much the whole time.

Sunday August 5th,2012 we had church with our church (neighbors, a home church). Usually right after Church we come straight home but because we rode with my parents, so naturally my parents wanted to go grocery shopping and out to eat. Ben had been in a bad mood that whole daty and it was getting to me. He didnt want to go grocery shopping or out to eat and i was more than confused cause usually he is all about getting a free meal when he can. so we finally got home and we went to his grandmothers for dinner like every other sunday.while we were there he completely ignored me the whole entire time again it was buggin me. So he almost always makes up some excuse to leave and this time it was that he had told my dad we would feed horses tonight I thought he was blowing but yewt we still went to my parents house so I ran inside to change into jeans real quick and vented to my mom breifly then wondered out to the barn where he was already half way done. I grabbed the feeding pan to go feed me horse and there it was tied around Dusty's neck with bailer twine. I turned around with confusion and ben was right behind me on one knee and asked " Abbey Minchelle Hinshaw will you marry me." Of course i said yes, but it took me awhile to realize he was being serious. Once the ring hit my finger it became very real. I love him so much and cannot wait to be Mrs. Brubaker in April!!