Sep 04, 2010

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We will have a cake, and a cheesecake and candy bar.

I love this cake. Another bride {Bridemoto} who had her reception at the Biltmore, had the deisigns on her cake match the intricate designs on the ceiling of the ballroom. Her cake was so elegant and classy. It was a unique and different idea.

Sweets photo 1   Sweets photo 2

               Sweets photo 3                           Sweets photo 4


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I'm still hunting for "the one" dress that will make me want to spend the rest of my days wearing it. I have the look I'm going for, but the hunt continues.

However, I have a few ideas for the ladies and gents.

For the Gents

I'm digging the brown or grey tuxes. Not saying my heart is set on it, but I'm thinking outside of the "black tux" box. What do you think. Does it look or say elegant and classy to you?

The Look photo 1The Look photo 2

The Look photo 3The Look photo 4

The Look photo 5The Look photo 6


For the ladies

The Look photo 7   The Look photo 8

I like this dress, but I'm thinking of altering it to be more fitted. I'm not a fan of the A line skirt on this dress.

The Look photo 9The Look photo 10

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I will have an up-do to showcase these beauties.

Attire and Accessories photo 1

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I have yet to find an invitation that satisfies my standards. What I do know is each invite will be housed in a Chocolate Silk Thai box wrapped in ribbon an adorned with a brooch.

Invites photo 1Invites photo 2

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The Biltmore is breathtaking in itself. I only need centerpieces and decor that will compliment the ballroom. Spotlighting will be used to enhance some of the centerpieces.


Flowers Candles and Tablescapes photo 1Flowers Candles and Tablescapes photo 2

Flowers Candles and Tablescapes photo 3 Flowers Candles and Tablescapes photo 4Flowers Candles and Tablescapes photo 5

Pintuck Linens

Flowers Candles and Tablescapes photo 6

The clear gold beaded plates will be for the estate table. The solid gold plates will be on the other tables. Since I will be having both square and round tables. I'm not sure if I want round charger plates for the round tables and square charger plates for the square tables.

Flowers Candles and Tablescapes photo 7Flowers Candles and Tablescapes photo 8

Gold Chivari chairs with Ivory cushion. I love the sash on the second picture instead of chair covers, we'll see if I decide to incorporate the sashes or not.

Flowers Candles and Tablescapes photo 9Flowers Candles and Tablescapes photo 10


I'm not much of a flower person, but I simply LOVE the simplicity of the first bouquet of peonies. Sometimes less is more. The second bouqet is just simply stunning and elegant.

Flowers Candles and Tablescapes photo 11                             Flowers Candles and Tablescapes photo 12

I'm going for just a single ranunculu wrapped in a ribbon the same color as the tux for my guy.

Flowers Candles and Tablescapes photo 13




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Although we have yet to find a place to hold the ceremony I know two things. First we will have a chuppah, even though we are not jewish I love what it symbolizes. I will incorporate a lot of candles and a flower (yet to be determined) streaming the aisle. Second, I want the chairs to surround the chuppah or canopy, sort of like a curve surrouding three sides, it's more of an intimate set up to me.

(If I have used a photo that belongs to you, please let me know so I can give credit. I know I've found a lot of pictures and saved on my hard drive without noting where they came from)

Where it s all going down photo 1    Where it s all going down photo 2    

Where it s all going down photo 3      Where it s all going down photo 4

This is what I'm ultimately going for. Notice the gold chivari chairs surrounding the altar. There will be no big flowery thing as pictured. On the altar/stage there will be a chuppah/canopy with drapings. Even though we will be surrounded, there will be no one sitting directly behind us. I will rent a faux fireplace and decorate it with candles, flowers and strings of hanging crystal and orchids.

Where it s all going down photo 5       Where it s all going down photo 6

May I present the Biltmore Imperial Ballroom. We (more like I) wanted an elegant and sophisticated place to hold our reception. When I first laid my eyes on the Biltmore Ballrooms I knew it was the place. It is truly gorgeous and breathtaking. There is much detail in the ceilings and I just the love chandeliers. The ballroom has a prefunction area that will be transformed into a lounge area and used for the cocktail hour.

                                    Where it s all going down photo 7
Where it s all going down photo 8Where it s all going down photo 9

Soft colors (not yet determined) of uplighting will grace each column. The stage uplighting will be a bit more dramatic.

Where it s all going down photo 10

We will have a long estate table for the wedding party and immediate family. We will have round and square tables that seat 8 for our other guest. I would love to have a bride a groom chair cover as pictured.

Where it s all going down photo 11