Aug 04, 2012

( 4.2 / 5.0 )
I found the Sheraton through a magazine which was dedicated to only featuring venues throughout NY and very glad that I did! Our first interaction with the Sheraton was speaking with Sheeba, the venue sales coordinator who helped with every step of the way. In some ways, I felt she was more than that, she was very patient with my indecisiveness, nervousness, and constant emails and phone calls. The vendors that deal with the Sheraton are also very professional, very friendly (Cheers to the wedding cake vendor they use, Sugar Palette, he was just as helpful and friendly!)

Sheeba was very lenient, on-point, available, and understood all the aspects going into the wedding. The days before the wedding itself, she was able to calm both a frantic bride and groom.

The day of the wedding, we dealt with the banquet manager, Steven. Just as professional and helpful, Steve assisted us all night with every aspect possible. He is by far the best Maitre'D. Before the ceremony, he introduced himself to me (I the bride arrived late), and immediately gave me a run-down of status of the wedding. We had rehearsed the night before with the officiant and were trying to remember everything at the moment of truth....stepping out before the guests in the ceremony. Steven immediately calms our nerves by telling us he had already communicated with the DJ, the officiant, hotel staff, and all of our wedding items were handled by the staff (i.e. table cards, guest book, etc.). The ceremony went beautifully and he helped guide the bridal party every step of the way. I'm sure he knew that the wedding couple never gets to eat during cocktail hour and so for our entree, he personally made sure we were served and gave us ample time to eat. He not only brought us drinks from the open bar, he kept them full and refreshed; if the ice melted, he got us a new drink, if the cup was done, it was taken away and a new one in its place. Steven not only took care of us and the guests, he also took care of our vendors. The wedding couldn't have been better, it's already several days after the wedding and my husband and I had such a blast, we're already antsy to see the DVD.

Our only concern was the mix up in introducing the parents. Be warned that the Sheraton does a lot of Asian weddings (we are probably the first Asian couple in Sheraton's history to request a western style wedding). If this is your case, it would be good to pre-warn both the DJ and Steven the order in which your parents are introduced. Western style introduces the bride's parents first, Asian weddings introduce the groom's parents first. Besides that small mixup, everything else about the party was perfect.

The immense success of our wedding attributed to many factors, we received a lot of compliments from both family and friends on how fun it was at the wedding.
Services used: Wedding Venue