Jul 28, 2012

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DO NOT USE! This is a very unprofessional company. I sent Cheryl pictures to get a quote for a small cake just for the two of us, basically just to cut. She explained the cost for their smaller style started at $20-25. I asked which cake design I sent, if any, could be done for that price. She replied that one of the pictures I had sent could be done for that price and she further detailed that it would be fondant covered, with piping and look like the picture. I was ready to move forward with the order and place the deposit. Cheryl then sent me an invoice for $70. I asked in an email to explain the additional $40 charge and copied and pasted her original quote from our chain of emails for $25. When we later spoke on the phone she got very defensive and said $25 is for a buttercream version and that fondant would be an additional $15. Also, she said the simple piping would be an additional $15 and colored fondant would be another $10 charge. Although, her previous email clearly stated it would look like the picture (colored fondant, with piping). I said, “Just so we understand each other and to confirm what I am going to get, it will be $25 for a cake, $15 for piping, $15 for fondant and $10 for colored icing, correct?” Cheryl then got very flustered, I don’t know if she found her original emails and was embarrassed by her mistake or realized that these additional charges still did not add up to $70. She then cut me off mid-sentence and said she doesn’t want to make my cake anymore and hangs up on me. I proceeded to forward her the emails she had sent and advised that she review her notes before she causes such confusion with another destination client in the future. About two minutes after she hung up on me I called another bakery and they swiftly and professionally took my order and explained all the charges and order details. There were no hidden fees!
Services used: Wedding Cake
Maui Wedding Cakes
We have made and delivered over 25,000 wedding cakes on Maui, with a 99.6% success rate. There are some clients who, no matter how many times you interact with them and try to explain something, start with an idea in their head and then simply don't listen to you. From the first email I received from this client, I could tell that they wanted something that we would not be able to provide within her budget. I suggested from the start that they find someone else. In the very first email I explained the cake she wanted would be in the $60 - $85 range. In a subsequent email I stated that a very simple undecorated fondant version would start at $25. She somehow got it in her head that I told her at some point that her first request would now be $25 instead of $60 - $85. I strive to make my emails very clear, obviously it was not to her. When on the phone I tried unsuccesfully to clarify this for her twice more, she became very aggressive, and rather rude. I wasn't flustered, I was exasperated. At some point you realize that no matter how much you try to explain something it is falling on deaf ears. This is only the second time in 14 years and 25,000 cakes that I have had to tell a client that we choose not to do their cake. I hope the rest of her wedding experience turns out much better for her.