Aug 11, 2012

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Patricia South's Bridal is wonderful! The minute you walk in you feel like you're home and the staff is very welcoming. I called and made an appointment and we a bit nervous because it was my first place trying on dresses. I ended up working with Amy and I can't say more about her. She is so sweet and I get the sense that she really wants to help you find your gown and is not just another sales person trying to get your money. We had a tour and an interview and Amy immediately dialed in to what I thought I wanted. The selection of gowns is huge and I'm glad that Amy was the one pulling them because I didn't really know what I was looking at there are so many! I LOVED the first one we tried and as tried on more I kept going back to the first. That wound up being my gown and I purchased it right away since I was on a tight timeline and completely fell in love. Amy was fantastic but so was the staff as well. I called the next day to ask Amy a few questions and she wasn't there but the other staff member I spoke to was just as accommodating in answering all of my questions. One of the things I liked most about Patricia South's was how up front and honest they are about things. Everything is out there in black and white so there is no confusion. I don't know about other's experiences but as far as myself it couldn't have been better. I guess we have to take everything we hear with a grain of salt. I have several girlfriends that are engaged and I'm absolutely going to take them to Patricia South's.
Services used: Dress & Attire