Sep 14, 2013

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Apologies all for my long silence from the PW site, I have a good reason.  It was looking impossible to keep my wedding under £30,000 if I had the wedding in London or the surrounding areas in the way that I wanted to so after sitting down with my FI and deciding that the budget was spiraling out of control we have now decided to have a DESTINATION wedding.  Our wedding will now be in Andalucia in Spain with approx 60-100 of our nearest and dearest, sooooo excited.  I am in contact with a wedding Co-ordinator out there who has been sending me some lovely venues, I plan on going out there the first week in December to confirm a venue.

I'm planning for the actual ceremony to be on the beach and the reception So now, I am looking at all the wonderful pictures of beach weddings on this site and WOW.  If you have had a beach wedding before and have some hints and tips for me please do not hesitate to tell me about these.

I am overly excited and now just planning planning planning.


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It looks as though my wedding date will be changing to September 7th from 21st as originally planned due to availability (or non-availability as the case is) of the venue I would like to use, so in that case I have lost almost a month of planning :-0 I'm not gonna panic, or fret, I still have plenty of time so I am just going to get on with things.

Ok this month I am starting another DIY project, I would love to do my invitations myself because I have seen so many PW brides do such great jobs on theirs and whilst it might be fiddly I like the fact that I can put my own signature on something and also I believe I will save myself a few pounds.  As a practise run I am going to make my "Will you be my bridesmaid/Lady of Honour" cards and see how that goes, so watch this space.

By October 26th I will like to have accomplished the following:-

  • Will you be my... cards
  • narrowed down my choice of wedding dress
  • Confirmed and paid deposit for my venue
  • Drawn up a rough 1st draft of guest list
  • Agreed a final budget with FI, parents and in-laws
  • Wedding cake tastings (yummy)
  • Interviewing Photographers/Videographers
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I am happy to say that I can now call my other half my FI, we are now officially engaged ;-)))))

All started of on Monday 17th September, I was very busy preparing for the knocking ceremony the coming Saturday but my then b/f wanted to go out to eat, I had to drag him everywhere I went cos he was adament we should go out and relax and just forget all the planning for at least one night (men!!!!) I started clocking on around 9pm when he still wanted to go out and eat that this could possibly be the night of the proposal (if you haven't read all my pages, he had to formally ask my parents before proposing, so whilst I knew we were getting married there hadn't been THE proposal) so anyway at about 10pm we sat down to eat (not great for my weight watching I can tell you but hey-ho!) and at the end of the meal out pops a little box and rather shakily and nervously my beautiful beau gets down on one knee (having already arranged with the waiters to take pictures) and asks me to spend the rest of my life with him.............what did I say..................errrrrrrrrrrrrr YESSSSSSS

1st stage tick loved every min of it photo 11st stage tick loved every min of it photo 21st stage tick loved every min of it photo 3

It was all very lovely and I'm glad my FI didn't agree with me to go out to dinner on another evening.  The 17th September had some horrible memories for me in the past but God has used my FI to rub out those memories and create new beautiful memories for me of that date, God is good.

So the planning continues, remember the DIY projects I started on the necklace bracelet and earrings set, that turned out beautifully and I had a little help with the earrings from my little sis.  The lady who was suposed to do my shoes and bags (cover them with my kente material) let me down at the last minute - Thursday night to be exact, but my little sis didn't mention it to me she just went to the lady's house, collected the shoes and bag and materials and learnt how to do it on youtube and did it for me.  She admits its not the best but excuse me for a first attempt and completed in approx 6 hours I think she did a fabulous job and it went brilliantly with my necklace set - I am every so grateful to have a wonderful sister like her.

1st stage tick loved every min of it photo 41st stage tick loved every min of it photo 5

The friday was pouring with rain and if you know London this is nothing new but I was so disappointed that I shed a few tears and reminded God that I was His daughter and He should show me favour and sunshine ;-) to my delight I woke up on Saturday morning to glorious sunshine and very mild weather so my garden marquee party went without a hitch.  As per usual with Africans, more people than we invited came along but we all had fun and there was plenty food and drinks left over.

Here are a few pics from the day.  Please excuse the quality most of these were taken with camera phones, the professional ones should be out shortly.

1st stage tick loved every min of it photo 61st stage tick loved every min of it photo 71st stage tick loved every min of it photo 81st stage tick loved every min of it photo 91st stage tick loved every min of it photo 101st stage tick loved every min of it photo 111st stage tick loved every min of it photo 121st stage tick loved every min of it photo 13

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Hi all, this week is special to me, not only is it the week of my knocking / introduction ceremony but it is also in this week that my 1 YEAR till my wedding day count down begins ;-)

So excited but equally as nervous, I think I made myself a little ill over the weekend but I'm a little anxious about everything pulling together.  I'm hiring a marquee, tables and chairs from a vendor, made the order beginning of last week, till date no email of quote, no account details to deposit funds, have spoken to this company 4 times but I am still waiting.  As far as I am concerned until I get the email confirmation and have paid the deposit the order is not certain and that is leaving my anxious to say the least.  If I don't get hold of them this afternoon I will have to go to the warehouse directly, Lord help me (and them) #oh no I didn't want to turn into Bridezilla#

Anyway, so I have started on a DIY project.  I'm wearing all white for the ceremony at the weekend and so decided to cover some shoes I purchased with the traditional Ghanaian Kente material because the colours are so vibrant; I then decided I needed vibrant jewelery to match and I can't believe I found almost matching colours to the kente material

Countdown has really began whoop whoop photo 1

I am very excited, I bought 2 of the necklaces and I will turn one into a bracelet and a pair of earrings, and use the material to cover my shoes and bag. 

Drink, food, etc are all sorted so no worries there.

I will post more over the week ;-)


Almost forgot, have also lost 9lbs - I'm so proud of myself, I love my food and if you are like me you will understand how I feel.  Another 30lbs to lose though over the next year, not easy for me but I am determined to do it so will power please don't leave me now ;-)

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Over the weekend my BF and 2 of his friends officially went to ask my parents for my hand in marriage and to formally give notice that BF and his family would be coming to do the Knocking / Introduction on 22nd September.  I am not really meant to be there but my mum was not feeling too great and as I am her only daughter I went to help serve the guys etc.

Before we went my BF was so nervous, pacing up and down, I kept telling him to relax that it is not as though this is the first time he is meeting with my parents, but nontheless he was still very edgy.  

On arrival at my family home, BF's friends, who previously had also been trying to calm BF down were now extremly nervous, even more so than BF lol lol.  I immediately served them water they immediately downed the water due to dry mouth syndrome ;-) (this is all I am allowed to give them at this stage, once they have said what they have come to say the quality of the drink given gets better depending on if they impress my parents lol lol - this whole ceremony thing is too funny, I never EVER knew it was this full on!)

I was sent to wait in the kitchen, but yes you guessed it I had my ear pressed to the door in order to hear what was being said.  I was sooooo proud of my baby, he spoke so well, very eloquantly and of course the fact that he only had good things to say about me gave me a permanent smile for the rest of the day.  His friends also had to speak as a testament to our relationship and friendship and although I didn't hear much of what they were saying I did hear them say what they first noticed about me was my cooking skills and how they had enjoyed my food on various occasions, to which I heard my mum pipe up "of course, I taught her everything" lol lol she is right though, my mum was a head chef before retirement and to this day I haven't seen anyone who cooks like her ;-)

Before long laughter was flowing from the living room to the kitchen, I hadn't realised that I was also quite anxious about the meeting, but I let out a sigh of relief and relaxed in the kitchen, I was then called to serve the boys juice, then beer, then my dad's best Jamaican rum - needless to say the boys had passed with flying colours ;-)

Pic below outside my parents home immediately after the meeting, you can see the relieve on a certain BF's face

We have formally started photo 1

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WOW I'm overwhelmed!  I love this site, all the profiles I have read, the helpful hints etc - I'm convinced my wedding planning should be a breeze with all the hints, suggestions I have seen so far......

I decided to start blogging on PW because my baby sister is leaving London this weekend to do a years internship for UBS in NYC and she wont be back until a couple of weeks before the big day.......I could just cry but I know that this is too good an opportunity for her to pass up (if anyone on here is in the NYC area, please look after her for me) 

Our Story

I met my bf (you will see why he is still technically my bf shortly) about 10 years ago, well actually I met his sister about 10 years ago and we became very good friends, we went to the same church and after a while started going to family functions, visiting each other at home etc.  It was on one of these home visits that my friend introduced me to her big brother, I was like mmmmmm that is a very handsome fella; however I guess he just saw me as his little sister's friend (although I am a few years older than my friend), he paid me no mind whatsoever so after a while my crush on him fizzled out and I began dating other people.  I was still in contact with my bf then but I also now saw him as a big brother.  Anyway fast forward 9 years and my same friend is engaged to her beau who is a really cool guy; we were at another friend's wedding early in 2011 when he informs me that he doesn't usually do things like this but he would like to set me up with one of his friend and apparently I knew the person very well.  I was confused because I only knew one of his friends and he had already made a pass at me which I rejected (nicely;-) a while back.  Imagine my surprise when I learn that the person he wants to set me up with is my bf lol lol lol.  After getting over the initial shock, I agreed and we started dating, it was a little rocky at first because we are from different cultures and raised in different homes (I guess there are no smooth sailing relationships anyway) but we worked through it and early this week (Monday 13th September 2012 to be exact :-) he informed me that he was ready to take the next step.

The reason he is still my bf is because he has to go and formally ask for my hand in marriage from my parents before he can propose to me and then the families need to be formally introduced to each other in a ceremony called "Knocking" (I'm from Ghana and I believe Ghana_Bride gave a great description of this ceremony in her bio) at the knocking if my family agree to go ahead with the marriage he will give me my engagement ring and it is only at that time that he will cease to be my bf and become my FI :-)

13 months to go plenty of time photo 1

Knocking or Introduction

Both parents have agreed that our knocking will be held on 22nd September 2012; this is quite a simple ceremony usually done in the home of the bride so no great expense or pomp which is good because I have just over 5 weeks to sort it all out - with the friends and family I have this will be very easy and stressfree (please God).  I mentioned that I am Ghanaian, I should also mention that my BF is Nigerian however because his family is asking to marry my family the ceremony will be done stirctly the Ghanaian way with our traditional attire etc. I hope to upload pics after the event.


About a month before the actual wedding day we will do a traditional engagement (which to be honest to african's is the REAL wedding but as we have adopted western culture we seem to now class the white dress church wedding as the real wedding, I'm not fussed, I get another day of being centre of attention and princess for a day ;-)
The engagement will be done the Nigerian way because I have been to a lot of Nigerian weddings and I love the ceremony, culture, pomp, etc of it all and I am really looking forward to dressing up in their attire AND the money dance (similar to the greek tradition, but instead of pining money on my dress I will basically be "sprayed" with money and my younger ones will be collecting it - I have heard that you can get as much as $5,000 - depending on the level of your dancing and your stamina!)

The Wedding ;-)

I think like most ladies I started planning my wedding at the age of 11, so 23 years later, you can imagine I am more than prepared with a few tweaks here and there over the years.  I know exactly how I want it, my wedding colours have remained the same for about 10 years, being Autumn/Fall colours it has dictated the date of my wedding also which is why I have just over a year to plan and sort everything out.  I can't wait to start saving inspiration boards to my profile, I think they are fantastic.

If you have any ideas, pics etc for a large but elegant fall/autumn wedding please feel free to pass it on to me, and I hope no-one minds my "sharing" their inspiration boards etc....