Dec 15, 2012

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Zukiswa is the 3rd born gchild of (Late) Zandisile Mapete and Busisiwe Bubu - Mapete. I was born in Eastern cape in a very small Town called Mount Fere.

I grew up in a family of 6 children (3 boys and 3 Girls), very grounded people who raised me and i must say i come from very humble beginnings.

I'm raised by parents who are very cultural ethic. I started my lower classes at Sahlulo J.s.s where my mother thought me in Grade 0 (Sub A) and hell no it was not a nice one to be taught by your parent because i always got extra lashes and punishment. It became worse when i was doing STD 5,6 & 7 when my father was teaching Mathematics and Afrikaans yhooooooo it would be lessons in class and again at home when i want to take my mind off things and all of this comes with beating(s).

After passing my Std 7 back then i could not wait to go to high school and escape this life of having classes at school and at home but guess what i missed it so much and i would miss my day when he puts ma head inbetween his legs so that he can beat the rest of the body without me having to run around and escape.

I did my std 8 at Zingisa comprehensive High School (Roman Catholic school) and i loved the school because of its disciplining strategies and techniques, i then left the following year for a boarding school in Parlmerton High school where i did my Std 9 and STD 10.

There was one challenging factor about my parents not being around, it was the fact that i felt free and there was no one pushing me, if i feel like not doing home work i wouldn't do it and that made me to realise the reason why my Father pushed us so hard, he wanted the better future for us because my conscious would tell me that this is wrong.

After passing my matric i went to ML Sultan Technikon where i studied IT but i did not complete because i decided to come to Johannesburg (City of Gold)and i persued my IT with Academy of Business and computer studies where i got my Diploma and from there i registered with Pretoria Technikon where i got my Bachelors degree in Publim Management. Currently i'm persuing my studies in Masters Public Management with UNISA.


I'm now blessed with a 9 year old son, Mother, 2 sisters and two brothers, 3 Nephews, 3 knicies.


I'm grateful for every little step that my parents took me through my growth development, every little lesson they thought me, respect, unconditional love, tolerance, perseverence.....all of this has made me the person that i am today and i thank them with everything thing i have and i thank the Almighty for blessing me with such wonderful parents.

My father is no more but i know he is looking down and smiling at me saying everything is ok and my little brother Zukisani as well. I know they would be sharing every single moment of joy planning ma wedding but i know spiritualy they are there for me.

I'm just blessed every hour, every moment, jan  - dec i'm always blessed and everything i do shall prosper as God is my strenght and provider.