Oct 20, 2012

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I was working one night in January of 2011 when my now fiancé, Shelby, came into the store with his parents. I had not noticed them until they came through one of my co-workers line and I bagged for them. Shelby was wearing a hat and jacket with emblems on them from a video game we both play. When I noticed this, I commented on it. I remember his face immediately illuminated with interest. We talked a little about the game and then he left with his family and I figured that was the end of that. Little did I know that Shelby went home conflicted with thoughts of whether he should go back and get my number or just let it be a memory. About thirty minutes later I was called to the front of the store where I saw Shelby standing next to the line of carts. I was a little confused at first so I asked him if I could help him. I remember him looking a little uncomfortable and obviously nervous as he asked me for my gamer tag, which is what we use to get online while playing our games, since he wasn't sure how old I was and didn't want to be too upfront and ask me for my number. I told him yes but that I don't get online very often. He didn't seem to mind that, and stayed talking to me for nearly thirty minutes discussing games with me. Unfortunately, I had to go back to work. Later that night, at home, I got online and added him. The next day I checked my profile to find a message from him saying that he hadn't expected to hear from me so soon. At first I was reluctant to talk to him at all until one of my co-workers convinced me otherwise. Once convinced I added him on Facebook and proceeded to talk on there, eventually ending up with over six hundred messages sent between us before we got each others numbers and beginning, really beginning, our relationship together. Jennifer.