Apr 10, 2010

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Like what you see?? See my link for various for sale items from the wedding!

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Pro Pics photo 2Pro Pics photo 3Pro Pics photo 4

Pro Pics photo 5Pro Pics photo 6Pro Pics photo 7Pro Pics photo 10

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After 10 months of dress shopping, I finally picked my dress. 

One the model


here she is photo 1here she is photo 2


on me


here she is photo 3here she is photo 4here she is photo 5here she is photo 6

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These lists were always so useful for me during the wedding planning process. now that my big day has come and gone, I wanted to share my insights.

I'm glad:

  1) I spent a lot of time researching my vendors. I was able to find great people for prices I could afford!love love love my photographer and videographer (DONT SKIMP HERE! its the only thing at the end of the day that is for you and your husband. At the end of the day, all you have are your memories and photos/video)

  2) I hired a videographer; can't even remember half the day now.

  3) Did NOT DIY my flowers. i know i could have saved a lot of money but it was nice to have one huge project i didnt have to worry about.

  4) Trusted my gut about the dress I got. I had doubts at the final fitting AND on the day before the wedding but after looking at the photos, it really was perfect for me. I never had that "a-ha" moment and tried on 50-70 dresses trying to get that a-ha moment. In the end, i just got the dress that I compared all other dresses too.  Bought my dress online after finding it at a bridal store and saved 40% off retail!

   5) Took a while to pick my bridal party. i had ZERO drama and the ladies were wonderful. if someone doesn't understand why they weren't chosen as a BM, then its a good thing u didnt choose him/her. Only surround yourself with positive energy and you will save yourself a ton of headaches.

   6) Made finding a DJ a priority. People said some stuff about the projects that I obsessed about but after the wedding all i heard about was DJ DJ DJ. they really do make or break your reception so please choose wisely.

    7) Had some personal touches to the wedding but dont be obnoxious about it. your guests get that its about you and your new hubby but dont go crazy!Loved my cake topper and table numbers!

    8) Stayed on budget and paid with everything in cash! if you dont have the cash for it, you can't afford it. Dont start your married life in debt just for one day.

    9) We talked to our guests at the wedding AND danced on the dance floor. Balance your time. Some guests dance, some don't. touch base with everyone. they are there for you.

    10) Did table greets. we were able to say hi and thank everyone for coming at least once during the reception and that was great.

    11) UPLIGHTS! totally worth it. I was able to save money in other parts of my budget to afford these. got them off of ebay and was able to do it myself. WARNING: depending on your venue, it could be a lot more complicated than just plugging in the lights. I was lucky that my father in law was knowledgeable about wattage, currents, etc and was able to handle this task as we were taking pictures. Check with your venue before you order but if it works out, do it! totally worth it and I love how it looks in photos!

     12) Scheduled more time for hair and make-up - i actually asked my MUA to come 1/2 hour earlier than originally planned just in case we ran late. we did run late but it ended up being only 10 minutes late as opposed to 45min. Much less stressful. You never know so better to be safe than sorry.


Things I regret:

   1) Hiring an inexperienced DOC - my biggest regret was hiring a coordinator that she herself had a wonderful wedding but was too overwhelmed during mine. She was a previous PW bride... so WARNING!! someone might have a gorgeous wedding and might be starting a new wedding events business but it doesnt guarantee a smooth day. I really regret hiring her and would have been better off leaving the tasks to friends and family. If you do hire a DOC, bite the bullet and hire a seasoned pro. If you're not willing to dish out the cash, then just have friends and family that will step up. In hindsight, I still wouldn't pay the 1500 it would take for a DOC. I was still able to have a great day despite not having a  good DOC.

    2) not holding my bouquet lower - i feel like i held it too high and the flowers hid the neckline of my dress. Not major but still.


Aside from that, it was great. enjoy your day. Everyone will love the wedding just because it's your wedding. they were there because they love you and even if all the escort cards arent cut perfectly or if there is a typo in the programs, no one cares!

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Non pro pics photo 1   Non pro pics photo 2Non pro pics photo 3Non pro pics photo 4

  Non pro pics photo 5   Non pro pics photo 6Non pro pics photo 7  Non pro pics photo 8                         Non pro pics photo 9                                                                                  Non pro pics photo 10                Non pro pics photo 11

Non pro pics photo 12Non pro pics photo 13Non pro pics photo 14Non pro pics photo 15

Non pro pics photo 16Non pro pics photo 17Non pro pics photo 18Non pro pics photo 19Non pro pics photo 20Non pro pics photo 21Non pro pics photo 22

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DIY Invites photo 1DIY Invites photo 2


My DIY Invites!! they were absolutely a labor of love. I was one of those people that would "never spend soo much on invites.. people are just going to throw them away." But once the planning began, I couldnt help myself. I originally saw invites like this for about $12/each. NO way was I paying that so we did them ourselves and price was around $3.50-$4.00/invite.


Paper: linen cream color:

          metallic coffee brown backing: -

                                                        awesome vendor, fastest and most affordable

                                                         shipping - review posted

Printed: by us and our little inkjet HP printer

Cut: main invites by Kinkos (enclosures, hand cut by us)

Designed by: PW bride Abattyref - SHE"S AWESOME - review posted.