Jun 24, 2012

( 2.6 / 5.0 )
The Villa advertises that they are an "all-inclusive" wedding venue. In our experience, that was very far from the truth. In my opinion, many working women (especially those with any children) will want or need a wedding coordinator to help with the planning. This is something you do not get from the Villa. They offer a "day-of" coordinator only. So be very clear that if you have your wedding at the Villa, while you don't need to spend time finding your own vendors, you will be essentially planning every other detail of your day. The other things you will need to spend money on which are not included, will cost the average couple a few extra thousand dollars. These include but are not limited to renting tuxes, buying dresses, getting table favors, transportation, posters for the seating charts, etc. etc. Getting back to the service; they did not contact us at all during the year leading up to our wedding to offer any assistance or see how things were going. In fact the only time I remember being contacted by anyone at the Villa is when money was due. Also, a couple times I had to email the Villa a question about something that was covered in our contract because I was at work and did not have access to the document. Instead of them answering politely, I received a rude response at least twice. If the Villa representatives want to treat their clients that way, in my opinion they should not be working in customer service or the wedding industry. It's bad enough when you're buying a $5 fast food meal and get treated rudely at a drive-thru. But when someone is paying between $10,000 and $20,000 to a venue for an event, I feel that kind of treatment is not acceptable. We were left feeling like they were just happy to take our money and be done with things.
Services used: Wedding Venue