Oct 26, 2013

I am having a spring wedding, my colours are pink,purple,sliver and white.FI and I have been engaged for 2 yrs.We want our wedding day to reflect us and our families. Our ceremony is going to be on the headlands in the coastal town where we live and our reception will be in a function room on the the water canals at our local club.
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Wedding Inspiration photo 1

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October has been and gone for us it been crazy with work for us.Its Terry's busiest time of year for his line of work as a diesel mechanic, but this time next year will be very different he will be to busy getting married and playing honeymoon with me lol.

I have been having a lovely time on the boards chatting away, I love my PW time before and after work!

We now have finalized a guest list with an A list and B list.I have started a list of DIY Projects which include my invitations,ceremony decorations,reception centerpieces,place cards,seating chart and guest favours.

We have chosen a celebrant and have our first meeting with Mr Sadler next month.

Our honeymoon destination and accommodation has been booked(So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

12 months to go...........

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Flowergirl & Pageboy
Flowergirls and Page Boy photo 2

My flowergirl is Terry's grandchild Abby.She was so excited when we asked her I have found the most beautiful dress on Ebay for her.Its white with white tulle ,she will have a purple and pink rose wreath for her hair and also she will carry a sliver basket with gerbras. The gerbras will be pink and purple. I am unsure where to put the butterfly in their attire I am thinking in their flower baskets at this stage.

Flowergirls and Page Boy photo 3

Flower Girl Dress Inspiration


Actual Dress bought off ebay.


Flowergirls and Page Boy photo 4


Terry's grandson Henri is my pageboy. He is wearing a black pants, white shirt and Cerise vest and bow-tie.His father Marc(Terry's Son) is a groomsmen in the bridal party.

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This is the hair style i have picked for my bridesmaids and the comb will go on the side of their hair.


Maid of Honour and Bridesmaid


My maid of honour is my sister Carly(on the right in the photo) and my bridesmaid number 2 is my youngest sister Taylor(on the left in the photo).My wedding wouldn't be my wedding without them we have always been together and close in our childhood.

Junior Bridesmaid

My junior bridemaid is Terry's grandaughter Ella.Like her sister is very excited and is loving her dress.

Ella's dress I got from Ebay.

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wedding countdown

 My name is Yasmin, I grew up in Sydney and in 2004 my parents decided to move to the coastal town of Port Macquarie, I was devistated to leave all I knew and my friends but little did I know it was mean't to be. Over the next 6 years I had been in relationships that failed and when I had stop looking he came along.

Terry, my husband to be and I met through my work. He was one of my customers and he asked me out one day, we went on our first date on July 22nd 2010 and became inseparable and I fell in love with what became my best friend.My life changed for the good,he turned my life upside down and around and I've never been happier.He makes me smile. After a year of being together we brought our first home together and on my birthday January 26th 2012 he proposed to me. So on October 26th 2013, I will become Mrs Yasmin Lee Brown and i'm so excited that cannot wait, It's been 8 months of planning and there is still 12 months to go.