Sep 22, 2012

Hilton City Line Philadelphia
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
In September 2012 my band 'Midnight Hour' had the privilege of performing at the Hilton City Line in Philadelphia for a wedding reception, and I wanted to share a few things regarding the great experience we had there. As a bandleader, I have performed at just about every venue in and around the city of Philadelphia ... and for me, the Hilton City Line is one of the very best rooms this city has to offer.

For starters, the Hilton staff was incredible. The staff is led by Randy Schaller, the Director of Catering at Hilton City Line. Randy is a pro of the highest order, and he applies a true expert's touch to every facet of the events that are held in the Hilton ballroom. Supporting Randy on the night I was there were Gerardo and Paula, maybe the best maitre d' and Captain combination I've seen in action anywhere in the city. With Randy Schaller managing the overall event, and with Gerardo and Paula handling the tactical elements as the night unfolded, the evening was a text book example of how a reception should be managed.

The new ballroom at The Hilton is BEAUTIFUL. The cocktail hour transitioned to the reception in grand style, with a large wall being retracted electronically to reveal the beautiful ballroom. I could see how impressed all of the guests were with each element of the presentation, and it just felt great to spend an evening there. The bartenders smiled, the waitstaff never missed a beat, and the meal service was seamless. It all made for a wonderful night for the guests.

As a vendor, I see things behind the scenes that the guests may miss ... and for me, The Hilton City Line stands out as the perfect venue for a wedding reception. The high ceilings and warm decor translate to an elegant yet relaxing setting, and the flexible floor plan allows for events of all sizes. But it's the staff, the tireless efforts of the management and the waitstaff alike, that makes the Hilton City Line a true WINNER.
Services used: Wedding Venue