Oct 05, 2013

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We are anything but traditional, so why have a traditional wedding?  We both love Celtic music and everything else Celtic for that matter including throwing on a Kilt for a jig.  We enjoy the Renaissance and love going to festivals such as Ren Faires and Pirate Fests.  Our everday wear is more along the lines of corsets and puffy pirates shirts versus what normal people wear.  We are also Harley riders, so it is not unusual for us to put on our leathers to go out on a beautiful day. 

We want our wedding to represent our personalities.  It should be fun, like us.  There won't be any tuxes or fancy wedding dress.  Many of our friends frequent our local Ren Faire or work there.  We've decided that a Ren Faire themed wedding with Celtic splashes would be the ideal situation to represent us!  We are very excited and looking forward to this celebration with all of our family and friends!