Sep 12, 2009

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My Something Old was my moms pearls my dad bought her on their wedding day exactly 30 years and one month to the day before I got married...

Something Old New Borrowed Blue photo 1 Something Old New Borrowed Blue photo 2

My Something New was obviously my dress...

Something Old New Borrowed Blue photo 3 Something Old New Borrowed Blue photo 4

My Something Borrowed came from my MIL... her locket she wore on her wedding day (also worn by her mother on her wedding day)

Something Old New Borrowed Blue photo 5

My Something Blue...

Something Old New Borrowed Blue photo 6 Something Old New Borrowed Blue photo 7

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Our Engagement Party was help June 19, 2008 at my parents house... it was SO much fun!!

Our Engagement Party photo 1Our Engagement Party photo 2Our Engagement Party photo 3Our Engagement Party photo 4Our Engagement Party photo 5Our Engagement Party photo 6Our Engagement Party photo 7Our Engagement Party photo 8Our Engagement Party photo 9

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When we got engaged I was 165 pounds. The biggest I have ever been. I was an athelete my entire life and actually LOST 15 pounds my first year of college instead of gaining. DH and I moved in together Nov of 2007 and thats when I seemed to put on the most weight... At 165 I felt gross about myself and hated putting any of my clothes on or even going out... I KNEW something had to be done. I entered a pretty steady workout routine... forced myself to go to the gym everyday and eventally the pounds started dropping off. Around April or May of 2009 two of my other bride friends and I started a 10 pound challange (whoever lost 10 pounds first won $50, $25 from each person) we had to check in every week and had to keep the 10 pounds off for 2 consecutive weeks, I WON!!! Finally on my wedding day I was 135 pounds!!! I was fitting into clothes I had not worn for years and was falling out of my size 7 jeans. I WILL keep the weight off and have started back up at the gym to make sure this happens. I just wanted to share some inspiration with all of you... you CAN do it!!!

Me in High School -

Bridal Boot Camp photo 1

When we got engaged: May 2008 - 165 pounds

Bridal Boot Camp photo 2Bridal Boot Camp photo 3

Trying on dresses... HATED it!! - June 2008 - 165 pounds (maybe more)

Bridal Boot Camp photo 4Bridal Boot Camp photo 5

September 2008 - around 150 pounds.

Bridal Boot Camp photo 6

At a wedding we went to in June 2009 - 145 pounds.

Bridal Boot Camp photo 7


Our Wedding day - 9/12/09 - 135 pounds!!

Bridal Boot Camp photo 8Bridal Boot Camp photo 9Bridal Boot Camp photo 10Bridal Boot Camp photo 11

It took me from about October 2008 (when I got into everything seriously) to about July/August 2009 to loose 30 pounds. I did slow but I LOVED seeing the pounds fall off each week.

Basically it was just gym time (3-5 times a week) doing cardio (anwhere from 20-45 minutes) weight training and ab workouts. Sometimes I would switch it up and go for a mile to two mile run.... Also watching how much food I was putting into my mouth (not necessarily the TYPE of food). Portion control, cutting out ALL soda and juices, not giving in to the temptaions of sweets, and not eating after 8 pm really helped. I really didnt deprive myself of anything, because I dont beleive in "diets" but I was just really careful. Another thing that really helped me, was checking in with myself. Every morning I would get on the scale. This allowed me to gauge what I could eat for the day and if I need to be extra careful or if I could splurge. I would write it on the calendar in the kitchen and I could metnally SEE my progress or regress... which really helped motivate me on the not so great days.