Jul 06, 2013

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Anybody could not live the life that we least not the way we do!  Eric and I have been together for almost three years. Like any other military couple, most of that time has been apart.  He has accepted the role of being the man in my life, which is not an easy task.  He accepted my children and my family as his own.  I am very lucky to have him.  With him, I get more parents, grandparents, siblings and a host of other relatives.  I am excited to be a part of his family.

We have set out on this journey to marriage as children of God.  We are trusting that the Lord will bring us back home stronger and better than before.  We know that the devil is going to do what he can to hinder us from this union that has already been blessed.  We solicit the prayers of family and friends daily. We look forward to seeing each of your faces on our special day.

We are planning a wedding from afar.  I have entrusted my wishes to my family and friends.  I believe they know me well enough to know what my wedding means to me. By the time we return, we will only have 3 months before the wedding! I am open to any ideas so send them through.

I wish that my parents and Eric's dad could be here to share all the memories that we are creating.  I know their smiling down on us from heaven.  I have my guardian angels watching over me and I am marrying my King...can you say BLESSED???