Sep 21, 2013

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The Wonderfuls Bristow has been history in the making... This page will be updated as we go, so hang in there with us!

The days are counting down fast and decisions have to be made.  The first decision I can say has been to try the DIY approach to as much as possible; invitations, announcements....

We have a few things up our sleeves...

11/23/12-We've got so much to do, decisions to make... guest list, venues to start. Without a place, the event may turn private and "see y'all later", LOL. All suggesstions will be accepted.

1/3/13-Wow! Is it the new year already?  Time to wind down and get really serious.  Guest list, attire choices, hunt for an allergy free alternative for cupcakes... Still excited!

4/20/13-OK! It's been a minute and I promised to keep all informed.  I'm not as organized as I thought I could be. The planning has been going slow and behind the scenes, but it is moving... I MADE MY GOWN CHOICE!!! Yay Me! Time is winding down for sure now... Got to lock in more choices soon. Wish us luck!


7/19/13 Holy Cow! Only 63 days. Time sure flies when you think you have it. Oh well...It will be what it will be...And a Treat some will see...Keep your hearts and minds open for a True Loving event!!!