Sep 20, 2012

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videos by Mark and Beverly
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Best videographer ever! Okay, I have none other to compare to as this is the first and only time I've hired someone to film an event, but seriously I could not be happier. Mark and Beverly came highly recommended by a friend who hired them for her wedding and she showed me the DVD which I really enjoyed. It's funny, I was IN that wedding as a bridesmaid and featured multiple times in the DVD but I barely recall seeing Mark and his camera. He has this gift of being right up there in the action but for the most part remaining inconspicuous. I noticed this same thing when I watched my own wedding DVD later, and my sister even commented after seeing herself, "I remember saying that but I don't remember the cameraman being there." And I find that a great quality in a videographer! It's hard for some people to act natural and comfortable when they know they are being filmed, but when you have this ninja in the background quietly capturing these beautiful moments, you behave naturally and comfortably and end up with this wonderful record.

From start to finish I had a positive experience with Videos by Mark and Beverly. Mark was the first vendor I hired, I paid up front months in advance (a very reasonable price!) but was told I would receive a full refund if for any reason I no longer needed his services for the event. Leading up to the wedding he asked me when I needed him to show up and where and he was on time and present for the hours we needed him, which could have been all day if necessary. The DVDs were ready long before my husband and I returned from my honeymoon and he delivered them to my home in person. The film is beautiful and I want to watch it over and over. If you are considering whether to have a filmographer for your wedding, DO IT.
Services used: Videography