May 24, 2011

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My name is Ann and I am happilly married and still enjoying being a newly wed! I'm crazy about my sister's english bulldog Millie and I love building websites!

I got married in May 2011 in Las Vegas! Me, my sister, sister-in-law, and 3 of my best friends all got married over the last two years! Needless to say I have been around my fair share of weddings!

I actually created my website Bummed Bride while helping plan my best friends wedding. She was so not into the wedding planning process - She was the definition of an unmotivated bride!

My focus is on the real aspects of weddings. We always see all of these beautiful wedding pictures, but we don't know the "actual" story behind those pictures. I really believe that each of our wedding days are perfect and that we just have to embrace the imperfections! Those are the things that can make it unique!

I'm hoping to connect with other brides, vendors, and bloggers and share experiences and ideas!