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My advice to you as a married woman  article photo

I was married April 25th 2009.  It was a beautiful day , and everything was perfect , because I married the love of my life.   Was every last detail REALLY perfect of course not .... but I was there , he was there , our families were there and we became husband and wife, and that's all that matters.    In hindsight I think we all can look back and give sound advice once we've had our day . So here's mine , and I hope it helps atleast one person .  

#1 - make sure every single button , fasten , hook and loop is checked on your dress the day before the wedding and are secure. One of my loops broke as I got dressed and my mom had to meet me at the door to the venue and sew me into my dress.    Not what you want to do right before you walk down the aisle :)

#2 - Don't do your programs 2 days before the wedding at 2 am, leading you to forget your vendors in your thank you's in your program.  I did this, I got so wrapped up in thanking the family and  friends that helped and dedicating the back page to my kids, (plus I was tired)  that I forgot to add my vendors ..DUH!!!!   I fixed this by printing out my thank you's to the vendors in large bold print on a sheet of paper and putting it in a frame that was displayed next to the program basket on the table.   I suggest trying to avoid this ;)

#3  - Remember to tell your DJ about your do not play list.  I forgot,  and even though I will pretty much dance to anything, I meant to tell him no songs about strippers and the like.  I was a little embarrased when "you spin me right round when u go down when you go downcame blasting out of the speakers. (sorry grandma)   I also would have said no to "Low"  but alas, I danced like it was my job making sure to  "give that big booty a slap ...HEY"   when it was appropriate ;)

#4 - Don't sweat the small stuff -  and once your processional starts and your heading toward the love of your life, all the rest of it IS just that ...small stuff. Don't forget what the day is REALLY about.  You can impress your friends or your snobby aunt another time.  That day is about you as a couple , always keep that in perspective

#5  Which leads me to this ....... I think it becomes very easy to get wrapped up in other peoples thoughts,  ideas , suggestions , comments , and even what other brides are doing .... DON"T!   Your day is about you and your husband to be, no one else.  (unless you already have children)  ... I guess I have become a firm believer that your wedding day is your opportunity to display and show the world how much your in love , why your in love , what you have in common , and who you are as a couple.  Not  so much about how many petals you can possibly line that aisle with,  or how blingy your centerpieces are, or how wonderful everyone will think you are if you serve them filet mignon .   If your wedding doesn't reflect who the two of you are,  than it is just a show. Where is the meaning in that?  

If he wants to wear converse , or adidas or vans.... LET HIM!

If you want to wear a Red dress ..... WEAR IT

If you want to sing eachother songs -  SING YOUR HEARTS OUT

If you want to use a funny poem as your vows because it "feels like you" - DO IT

If you want to decorate your reception venue like Yankee Stadium because the two of you cherish your season passes then .. LETS PLAY BALL

If you want to get married in a backyard barefoot and serve Barbecue because that's how you roll ... then ROCK ON WIT' YOUR BAD SELVES!

It's your day ... not a day to impress the masses ... put a little more of you in it and the memories will mean SOOOO much more to the two of you and your guests afterwards ...TRUST ME!!!!

#6)  MOST IMPORTANT -  HAVE FUN!!!!!  Before you blink it is over.  Make sure you are enjoying yourself,.... any bumps in the road ...forget about them.  Just enjoy yourself , your guests , have a GREAT time , and just  thoroughly enjoy your very first moments being his wife. Memorize the smiles on people's faces and live in the moment .