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Oct 09, 2012

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( 2.2 / 5.0 )
My boyfriend's Cousin decided to ask family members to help with their wedding. They registered for tablecloths and napkins through Amazon and We wanted to help, so we ordered her napkins and had them shipped to whatever address our Cousin had on file (which was hidden and turned out to be an old address). First thing: we were never notified when the package shipped. My cousin emailed us and told us that she never received the package. I emailed the company and apparently they had gotten the package returned to them but never notified us. I asked them to redeliver it to the correct address which for some reason they couldn't do. Then I asked them for a refund so that I could reorder them (as they said this is what I would have to do) and was told that they would refund me my money. A week goes by and no refund. I emailed them again and was told that they were very backlogged and she'll get to it when she is avaiable. WHAT? Another week goes by and still no refund. Finally, they send me an email notifying me of my refund and it was $15.00 less than what I had originally paid. Apparently they are charging me that much money for return shipping for the package they never notified me they got back. I questioned this and instead of trying to work with me on it, I was told that when I shop on the internet, it is paramount that I make sure all information is entered correctly. Wow...I found it very condescending and rude. When the address is hidden, I have no idea where it is being shipped. Yes, I should pay for return shipping since the address was wrong, but $15.00? And they didn't even notify me that the package had been returned. I would never had known if my Cousin hadn't emailed me and inquired. Customer service sure isn't the way it used to be and to this company - the customer ISN'T always right.
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