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Oct 01, 2012

Nophoto 130
Glynne Davies Makeup and Hair On-Location
( 1.8 / 5.0 )
I hope another bride never has the awful experience I had with Glynne Davies on my wedding day. I was in a unique situation because I live in Pennsylvania but got married in Seattle, Washington. I had my hair and makeup trials at home and took lots of pictures so I knew exactly what I wanted. I contacted Glynne after seeing good reviews on several wedding websites. She called me back right away and after emailing her pictures from my trial, said she could match what I wanted for hair and makeup without any trials. Everything before my wedding day was great with Glynne - super nice and very responsive.

Everything on my wedding day was a mess. She seemed rushed from the minute she arrived, because she scheduled me back-to-back with another appointment. She forgot that I wanted to use my own makeup and she tried convincing me to try her makeup even after I explained that I have sensitive skin and get allergic reactions to new products sometimes. I had emphasized to her that I wanted natural looking makeup - no "caked-on" look. She created the "caked-on" look I was afraid of; worse than that, when I told her I didn't like it, she said "well you'll look good in pictures, which is what people will remember." Possibly the worst part of Glynne's behavior was when she very casually told me that the white patches I have on my face are the same skin condition Michael Jackson had. When I looked at her in horror, she laughed and kept talking. She rushed out to go to her next appointment. I think she was afraid I wasn't going to pay her the full amount, because she grabbed the check off the counter before I could even turn around and hand it to her.

Despite all of that, my hair turned out great. I didn't like my makeup, but everyone else said it looked nice. So the end result could have been much worse. But, my experience with Glynne in-person was extremely upsetting.
Services used: Beauty & Health
Glynne Davies Makeup and Hair On-Location
I have never had a bad review in the 22 years of doing makeup and hair professionally. I feel I must respond. I explained to this bride that we needed to start on time. Her wedding was on a weekday and I had a booking she knew about after her. I had plenty of time to do both. However the bride was late.
As to the look, I was told I could not use my professional makeup. The bride had gone to a store and had her makeup done. They had sold her products that were not of good quality. The brides skin was very dry and bumpy. I applied the loose powder, bronzer and blush as requested. I applied eyeshadow etc. I was working off pictures and doing the best I could do under the circumstance. This bride was very unhappy from start to finish. I tried so hard to make her happy. I left almost in tears. She was so unrealistic, she had a vision of herself that just wasn't there. I barely applied the makeup. She micromanaged every move. Treated me like I was not a professional. All I can say is that I did the best I could under the circumstances that this bride set up. Thank you for reading!