Jun 27, 2009

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How we Met:

My finace and I met over 10 years ago on the courts of our high school.  We both played tennis for our school.  When I first met him, I thought he was a huge obnoxious flirt.  He flirted with all the girls, single or not.  My friends and I actually nicknamed him a "Home Wrecker." Little did I know, his flirting skills would take my breath away. 

The first time we went out was with his best friend who was also friends with me.  We went to an aracade to play games and ate taco bell-remember we were in high school with no job.  At first he flirted and I didn't respond, but slowly his humor took over my heart.  I knew I was hooked.  We went out several more times after that, each weekend after the next.  We became official on February 27th, 1999. 

The Ring:

My older sister had just gotten married in August 2007.  He began looking for the ring that September.  He looked online and different places.  He actually like several rings and had my ring custom made.  He brought in pictures of rings from ritani and tiffanys to the jeweler combine the two to create the "most beautiful thing I've ever seen"--I might be a little bias. 

The Proposal:

He was going to propose to me during Christmas 2007, but the ring wasn't ready.  He had then planned for us to get engaged in Alaska under the Northern Lights on our 9 year anniversary, but his sister-in-law had a baby and I wanted to visit them (Had I known I could have gone to Alaska instead to get engaged, I would have chosen Alaska).  Finally on January 26th on the way to my cousin's house he told me to call my mom and sister and ask them if they could go ring shopping with us tomorrow for my engagement ring.  I was so excited I called them and they agreed to go.  Little did I know up at my cousin's house was my family, my family, and a balcony decorated with roses, rose petals, and candles.  He took me up to the balcony to show me my "monthly anniversary gift"  He covered my eyes and told me to look over the balcony on to the ground.  When he moved his hand I was puzzled because I couldn't see my present on the ground.  I kept saying "Where is it?  I don't see it."  Finally I turned around and he was on his knees shaking.  He had this whole speech for me, but I didn't give him time.  I just shouted "No way! No way!"  I couldn't believe it because he had told me to call my mom and sister to go ring shopping the next day.  I was totally surprised.

The Wedding Planning:

The Planning is going well.  So far no stress--fingers crossed that it continues that way.  All the major things are booked and there are just minor details that need to be taken care of.

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