Oct 08, 2016

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I just created a blog a few months ago that i think everyone should check out and give comments on the thoughts that i have on there.

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Pictures of both of us photo 1 back in 2005


Pictures of both of us photo 2 its definitely not the best picture, but it was taken today by my 4 year old daughter. so its the move recent. lol

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Just thought i'd put some ABOUT ME stuff on here to tell a little bit of my background history with the fiancee just to people get a little bit of how my fiancee, Doug and I came about before posting alot on this page..

My fiancee and I have been together since Dec 2004 and been engaged for about 6 years of being together. We met online (yahoo pool) and decided to chat on the phone since then. Dec 16,2005 was the exact day when he asked me to be his girlfriend and shortly after moved all the way from Alabama to Pittsburgh, where i was going to Pittsburgh Technical Institute at the current time, to be with me. Since then there had been alot of ups and downs. One official break up which lasted a month after our child was born but mainly we've been through alot and now we are ready to start planning the wedding. Our kids are now 4 and 5 years old. Son will be the ring bearer and daughter will be our little flower girl! Dont have a wedding date yet but hoping to have one within the next year or two :)