Aug 30, 2013

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so it took us some time and coordination, but we have a date and venue. with my brother just being commissioned in decemeber 2012 as a 2nd lt in the Marine Corps (OORAH!) we had to get a little creative with our planning. he will have limited time off, but to get a better chance of having actually be able to attend we had to plan it on a major holiday weekend. memorial day was just too soon for us and thanksgiving was too late, so we set out to find venues that were available either around the 4th or labor day. i had seen one or two venues that i really liked online, but was kind of discouraged with other choices (one venue only books november through april...kind of odd). so we went to my first choice and immediately fell in love. plus, they hadthe friday and saturday of labor day weekend open! to make this a short story we all set for 08.30.13 at brookside equestrian center in walnut and are thrilled to be working with rose wade events (who is exclusive to this venue and did i mention it is all inclusive - the only thing i really have to worry about now is a photog, dj, and table decor/flowers...see my next post for more on that!)

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so i have been dropping all kinds of hints as to what kind of ring i wanted for a few years now. about 6 months ago he texted me a picture of a ring, asking me what i thought, i told him it was ugly. rude, i know, but after showing him about 20 rings i did like, he decided to show me something that i had told him before was not at all what i wanted. fast forward to september and our 30th birthdays are coming up (i am 3 days older than him). we decided to have a joint party and invite a bunch of our friends. so we were just about to eat and thanking everyone for coming when he drops down and proposes in front of everyone. now, i am not very fond of pda and get embarrassed easily, so i felt like i wanted to punch him and kiss him at the same time. i said yes and now we are starting to plan our wedding!

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so here is the long story short...

jeff and i were both on okcupid about 6 years ago. he sent me a very sarcastic message because he said that my profile sounded sarcastic. we started exchanging messages, then we exchanged emails and yahoo messenger conversations, and eventually we exchanged numbers. we talked on the phone and online a lot and decided to meet up. our first date was happy feet and in-n-out. we completely hit it off in person as much as we did online, if not more. our second date was an awesome karaoke bar with some of my friends. after a few more dates we were pretty much inseparable. we officially became a couple on 05.01.07 and have been going strong ever since.