Aug 31, 2013

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Our wedding will be in the shades of white, beige, soft peach and a touch of gold. We are going to have 12 round tables at the dinner and they are going to look approximately like this.

Centerpiece photo 1


Centerpiece photo 2


Centerpiece photo 3



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In June 2012 we decided to travel to Barcelona. It is a city that I always wanted to visit. Since our arrival day, he was going on and on about this restaurant called Torre Del Mar, which is basically located in a height of 75m directly at the harbour with a 360 degrees view of the city. He said that his colleagues had highly recommended it. I wasn't really thrilled about it since I wanted to do as much sight seeing as possible. On the 3rd day I finally agreed. He told me to fix my hair, dress up and wear hills. I insisted that we take the tube and dress more casually but he really wanted to take a cab. The taxi arrived and we stepped out of the hotel.

He opened the taxi door for me. Now let me make something clear. We had been living together for over 2 years and such acts of courtesy have become rare as we are like best buddies! Now that I rewind the tape in my mind back and put the puzzle together, I should have seen all these little acts as, somethings not right, and he is acting out of the ordinary... So we get to the restaurant and get into this elevator which takes us up the tower to the restaurant.

We have a habit of washing our hands when we get to a restaurant. So as soon as we got the restaurant he asked me to go first. We had a beautiful dinner and it was time for dessert. I ordered a chocolate cake which was beautifully decorated. I take my fork and head straight to this square piece of chocolate and realise that it is actually a leather little box and the next thing that I know he is kneeling in front of me and whispers 'Hasmig Melian, the love of my life, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?'' I was so shocked, that I lost my power of speech. I was like umm, ummm and I see everyone at neighbouring tables turned and waiting for my answer. My blood pressure had risen and my heart was pumping sooo hard! I finally answered screaming Yes Yes!! And we kissed!

We left the restaurant and continued our celebration at the roof top bar of our hotel.


The proposal photo 1 The proposal photo 2The proposal photo 3The proposal photo 4The proposal photo 5


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You will not expect to meet the love of your life in an RnB club, but that is exactly how we met. Apparently he already knew me as he used to work with my brother. But I had no idea... We started dating. On the first date (5/10/08) we went to Coffee Beanery and I instantly knew that he was for me! We could not stop talking!! We had soo much in common. We didn't notice that we had been there for over 5 hours and the coffee shop was already closing. He sent me a text message telling me that he had an amasing time! And it was a romantic journey every since!

I forgot to add! In the RnB club, after the night was over, we realised that I his phone's battery was dead and I had left my phone at home. So the only way to contact eachother was for one of us to remember the other's phone number. And me being an accountant, immediately volunteered. He told me that he doubted that I would remember it as it was too late and frankly speaking I was quite tipsy. I proved him wrong though :) I thought that I remembered the number and when I got home I selected 4 combinations of numbers and actually got it right! So 3 more random people received a message from me at 4 am! He was the only one that replied though :) I guess when it's meant to be, it's meanth to be...


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I am marrying the love of my life on 31/8/13.  He is my best friend, my supporter and encourager! I cannot imagine life without him.