Oct 17, 2009

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So my girls will be wearing a dress designed by Mr K. They're an Australian designer. Here is the dress;

Bridesmaids Outfits photo 1

And they will be wearing red jewellery :)


Bridesmaids Outfits photo 2

Necklace and Earrings;

Bridesmaids Outfits photo 3

Bridesmaids Outfits photo 4

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This is my inspiration for our card box. I'll post later what mine actually tuns out like :)

DIY Card Box photo 1

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E Pics photo 1 E Pics photo 2

E Pics photo 3 E Pics photo 4 E Pics photo 5

E Pics photo 6 E Pics photo 7 E Pics photo 8

E Pics photo 9 E Pics photo 10

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Our Ceremony is at St Patrick's Cathedral in Ballarat (Australia).

The style of the church is early Gothic from the era of Edward the 1st in the 13th Century. And I just adore it! It is so beautiful!

The Ceremony photo 1 The Ceremony photo 2

   The Ceremony photo 3 The Ceremony photo 4


             The Ceremony photo 5                The Ceremony photo 6

                                              The Ceremony photo 7




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Going for Black & White Damask with a bit of red.

My Inspiration Board photo 1

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So we decided about 4 months before our 7 year anniversary that we would get engaged. I picked out my ring! The day we got Engaged photo 1
.50ct 18k yellow gold princess cut solitaire. G in colour and VS2 for the diamond.
We went to a little town the night before our anniversary called Daylesford. It's a very pretty artsy kind on town. But the scenery is just beutiful. On the day of our anniversary. Chris took me for a walk behind Lake Daylesford where there is some natural spings.

The day we got Engaged photo 2
This was just after he popped the question. I'm all teary even though I knew it was coming.

The day we got Engaged photo 3

Kissy kissy

And this is what we were overlooking when he popped the question. I think it's just gorgeous!
The day we got Engaged photo 4

We had already had Tshirts made up so that we could annouce it to family.

The day we got Engaged photo 5


Everyone thought they were so cute! And couldn't believe that we'd kept it a secret for 4 months that were were planning on getting engaged.