May 29, 2010

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We have finally booked our ceremony and reception sites. Officially, we will be getting married at the Oregon Golf Club in West Linn, Oregon! Woohoo! It feels great to have this part decided upon. It makes everything seem so real. Here are a couple pics.

Venue licious photo 1Venue licious photo 2Venue licious photo 3Venue licious photo 4Venue licious photo 5Venue licious photo 6

Inside the "Tent" at the OGC, tables and chairs will have linens and chair covers, of course :)

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Okay, so I guess it helps to put faces to the names...so here are a couple more pics of Nick and I throughout the years :)

My Fiance and I photo 1My Fiance and I photo 2My Fiance and I photo 3My Fiance and I photo 4

Just a few! :)



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My name is Jaci (like Lacy..but with a "J") ;). My fiance is Nick. We are originally from Oregon and met our freshman year at Oregon State University. We've been together ever since. I am a registered nurse and Nick is in graduate school for his PhD in Pharmacology at the UofA in Tucson AZ.  It has been tough adjusting to the desert heat, but we are enjoying the year round sunshine! Thanks to everyone for all of your great ideas and inspiration! I love looking at everyone's pictures and reading all the great advice. Congrats to all and happy planning!

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