Sep 15, 2012

( 1.6 / 5.0 )
I created an account on PW solely to alert other couples that we would not recommend Island Getaways. We booked our trip to Antigua in Sept with Nancy Finn. I thought I had done my research and most of the reviews looked good with a few exceptions. When we first called to inform Nancy that we were looking to book our honeymoon she returned calls immediately. It is very obvious that she gets incentives by Sandals being that I had inquired about several other resorts and was given little info. Nonetheless, we decided to go with Sandals. I was clear on our budget & also informed her that we did not mind doing a cheaper rm pkg since we planned to be outside. Six mos later we were informed by Nancy that the airfare had gone up by $100. Our biggest frustration with IG was the lack of follow-up to questions around our itinerary change. We were given 2 other options when our flight home was cancelled which involved losing a day or paying for a rm in Miami. We understand the unpredictability of airlines but had asked Nancy if there was any way to fly into a different airport or use another airline. This email was sent to Nancy on August 8th. After little willingness to check into this I called Tanya of Funjet who told me Nancy could have/should have contacted the ticketing department to request a change in airlines, which was never done. I did not hear back from her August 24th. Our final frustration with IG occurred the day before our honeymoon. We received a msg from the airline that our flight the next day had been cancelled and rescheduled. We did did not hear from Nancy at all. Oddly, we heard from them same day when we had a question regarding how we could pay our remaining balance. The fact that it took 16 days to get a response is appalling, after we just paid $5000. We would have been better off doing it ourselves. I would not recommend them and would not have spent the time writing this review if we hadn't had such a poor experience with Island Getaways.
Services used: Travel, Unique Services