Sep 06, 2009

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Courtesy of my mom and step-dad, we are going on our honeymoon to Lake Tahoe.  We are hoping maybe next year we can go somewhere a bit more exoctic.

The Honeymoon photo 1The Honeymoon photo 2The Honeymoon photo 3The Honeymoon photo 4

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Okay, I really loved this picture for our save the date magnet.  The only thing is that the final product/picture came out so dark, you can barely make out the picture.  I cannot believe the seller printed it out so dark.  There was no time to return and fix.  I am just dealing with this huge disappointment.  This is how it should have looked.

The Save the Date photo 1

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Program inspiration.

The DIY photo 1 The DIY photo 2

Wishing Vase/Guest-book

The DIY photo 3The DIY photo 4

The inspiration.

The DIY photo 5

We already have the parasols (30 x white for older guests only) and fans (75 x orange & 75 x red) which I ordered from Asianideas.com, thanks to summerbride2009's recommendation.  I also borrowed her pics for my inspiration, though I will not be doing monograms on the parasol (I am a lazy bride in the craft area).

The DIY photo 6The DIY photo 7

Bathroom Baskets

The DIY photo 8The DIY photo 9

Card Box

The DIY photo 10The DIY photo 11


Kids Table Goodies - We want to have crayons, snacks maybe bubbles, etc.  I do want to make a personalized coloring book for the kiddies.

The DIY photo 12

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I am loving BridalCanvas.com.  Here are my flowers but in whites, reds and oranges.


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After a yummy taste testing, we have decided and put a deposit down on our cake.  It will be marble with delicious fresh strawberries and vanilla filling.  The color will be white with orange striping.

The Cake and Accessories photo 1

My FI made our cake topper.  It took a couple of weeks, but it came out wonderful.

The Cake and Accessories photo 2The Cake and Accessories photo 3

The inspiration.

The Cake and Accessories photo 4

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My mom's Dessy dress.  It will be in all champagne color.

The Mothers Dresses photo 1

And this is MOG's dress, in champagne.

The Mothers Dresses photo 2